16th December -Kim Jacqueson

By Kim Jacqueson 

December is here! Christmas is coming! Holidays come in only a few days! And we’re all happy about it. Either you’re excited about the presents, relieved about finally having a break, satisfied with finally finishing your year… We all have a specific reason to love the December holidays.

Yesterday I had a very specific reason to love the December holidays, and that’s why exceptionally, I wrote my SCAB on 15th of December:

Christmas joy, yay! But we’re not there already. Today we only are on 15th of December, so only on barely half of the month. Don’t despair, fellow readers! Because of today, 15th of December, also is CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY.

Yes, that ugly, cliché, terrible piece of clothing and however annual traditional element does have a day. A day where you can, theoretically obviously, wear your favourite, or your worst, Christmas jumper. So open your cupboard, browse your collection and grab the jumper you are going to wear today! (Or if it’s too late now you’re reading this, you can always get prepared for next year.)

The holiday’s jumpers is a tradition that is spreading more and more every year throughout the world, and it’s beautiful to see that ugliness and bad clothing taste can grow with such happiness. No, really. Isn’t touching to see we all look stupid in these but love it anyway? I think so.

The British company “Save the children” even created a special event today. “Make the world better with a sweater”, they say. “Get everyone together”, they say. The idea is to get involved and to stick to your festive knits, and then donate to save children’s lives. Which is actually a pretty good idea.

Cheesy and kitschy, you gonna say? You’re right… But, eh, Christmas Jumper Day already is super cheesy, kitschy and all. So what does it change?

I’m probably going to join in today. I already have a jumper though, that’s one thing done. I mean, I could have bought or borrowed one too, but at least I’m proud of that. I’m going to join in to upgrade this year’s Christmas to a whole new level.

Maybe I should think of a fundraising event too… The list of possibilities is endless. A jumper carol-oke event? A Christmas songs singalong? A festive bake sale? A make-your-own-ugly-jumper craft lesson? I have plenty of idea up my sleeve. Yeah, sorry for the easy pun.

Or I could create Christmas cards, or random decoration you put all around the house pretending to your family and yourself it totally fits with the regular decoration (spoiler alert: it doesn’t. At all.)

There is no way I’m going to chop down a Christmas tree so we’re going to stick to the crafting works, right… And a tree isn’t really a convenient charity gift to send by mail, you know.

Hopefully, the website of “Save the children” has a very organized system (well, more organized than me), and we can contribute to their vital work and help them fulfil their potential with a donation platform. At least they can re-use and invest the money in textbooks, mosquito nets, school furniture… Which are way more useful that a Christmas garland.

Okay, time to sign in.

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