25 SCAB ideas for when you’re dry – By @ritarriera

By Rita Riera Pastallé



25 SCAB ideas for when you’re dry


Actually I was going to keep this list for myself because I always find it really hard to find a topic to write about when it comes to SCABs. But then I thought that if I posted it I would have one less SCAB to write and maybe someone could find this helpful. Feel free to use any of these ideas.

  1. What your driving instructor never told you.
  2. Your pet’s average day, in first person.
  3. Tell your (made up) family history since 1700.
  4. What would happen if -insert name- became president.
  5. You wake up and you’re in your life but 2 years ago. What would you do?
  6. If every student at SCA was a book, what book would they be to you?
  7. You find a letter from Howgarts that your parents hide from you when you were 12. What happens?
  8. Write 33 Haikus, that’s about the 500 words you need for a SCAB.
  9. A list of people you never want to meet and why.
  10. The worst trip you’ve ever been on.
  11. Your opinion on cruiships. Give examples.
  12. Songs that you like or used to like and you’re ashamed of.
  13. Tell a story about when you saw someone that looked 100% like you on the news and he/she was

    on the other side of the planet.

  14. List of things you could clean with a toothrbush.
  15. Make a 500 word tongue twister.
  16. What would SCA be like in the stone age.
  17. The job interview questions you’d like to be asked.
  18. Make up a new religion and write its top 15 commandments.
  19. Ranking of smells from worst to best.
  20. Weird sentences you never thought you’d say.
  21. Love letter to your childhood crush you never confessed your love to.
  22. Things that you’d like to remember 30 years from now that you probably won’t.
  23. Make a dishwasher manual interesting.
  24. Things that everybody looks stupid doing.
  25. Your most embarrassing moment, told as if you were living in the last century.

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