38 Days, every way – By @Cocoshellim

By Coco Shellim 

38 Days, every way.


Countdown to portfolio day take one.


6 weeks.

Well actually 5 weeks and 3 days

That’s 5 more Monday town halls

38 days

2,280 hours

136,800 seconds

5 more reflections

5 more book inspections

4 more SCABS – the last one is the day before portfolio day -Charles and Dan also, be warned.

1 more Portfolio brief

4 more Live briefs

12 more master classes

6 more sessions of sharing spit.


Anyways I am getting bored of counting our calendar now. So what else could we be doing with our time before portfolio day I hear you ask?


We could be patching a vulnerability.


After analysing 316 million security incidents for apps, It takes on average of 38 days to fix one. We can be a vulnerable bunch at times. But I have a feeling the next 38 days will not be increasing our vulnerability not patching.


Did you know you work an average of 38 days a year … for FREE!

Britons work an average of 38 days over and above their paid contract every year. Although this includes stuff like checking your emails when your home on the sofa.


The average person spends 38 days of their life brushing their teeth.


The new Lego store covers 9,800 square feet and contains a 20-foot replica of Big Ben that took 2,280 hours to build.


This ones a bit more relevant for you folks. A survey seeing how long on average people hang on to direct mail flyers. The survey found that most homes have a spot for these flyers which surprisingly isn’t the bin. The most popular place being the kitchen with 51% of people saying this was their number one choice, with the dining room coming a close second. And the average amount of time we hold onto these flyers? You’ve guessed it 38 days.

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