A Fall From Grace – By @jaykuparekh

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By Jay Parekh


A Fall From Grace


If you bought stock in JAY this year, SELL SELL SELL. SCA’s golden boy has fallen to the middle of the table in the first book inspection of the year. A part of me is glad to have experienced the results of complacency now rather than later. A part of me wishes that it never happened.


‘Jay’ means ‘winner’ in Gujarati, not ‘mid-table’. So, what can we learn from this?



  • Don’t organise dinner parties for the night before book inspections.





  • Go further.


Riding on a high during Xmas meant little Scamping for Santa. Complacency is an easy habit to fall into. Doing well in PBs is great but you’ve got to be doing things in your own time. 



  • Honesty is the best policy.


If it’s not good enough, be honest about it. The worst piece of work defines the benchmark of you book. We ended up putting a campaign in our book which we both knew wasn’t up to scratch yet. 



  • Use every opportunity available to you.


Some teams are definitely better at this than others. The abundance of wicked mentors walking around SCA is crazy. It’s important to use every shred of knowledge they have. Listen to their feedback without trying to defend the work. Respond with questions and go back with changes to gather their thoughts and opinions again and again and again and again…



  • Matters of opinion.


The problem with opinions is that everybody has one. One person loves your work and thinks it’s great. Another person thinks it’s shit. I haven’t really got an answer to this one…any thoughts? 



  • Time Management.


This term has ramped up in a crazy way. Worked on a weekend for the first time this year and it really does take a toll on the rest of your week when you both feel tired and under-slept.  Alex & I have started to set SMART goals and block out time. We’ve printed out Marc’s helpful presentation on where we should be investing time and tallying where we are spending time and where we need to spend more. 



  • Follow the Script.


Chat about the Category. Do the research. Write the personas. Write 50 briefs. Refine 3 briefs. Have some ideas. Get your brief signed off on a Friday.  Develop 3 favourite routes. Present 3 routes at WIP. Look for something better. Commit to a route by Wednesday. Add channels. 1st draft of script. Elevate, improve. 2nd draft script. Polish. Polish. Check for errors. Edit. Complete Case Study film. 


Skip none of these steps. Ever.


The course is relentless at the moment. There is a lot to do now that we have a book to constantly update. But the opportunity of redemption is tantalising.


See some of you back at the top. x

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