A life accomplishment – Kim Jacqueson

By Kim Jacqueson

It’s not every day that you can say you’ve achieved an accomplishment. It’s not every week that you can brag about it. And not in every SCAB that you can explain what the accomplishment is all about.

This week indeed was an amazing week for me.

How can I even start to summarise it to you? Oh, yes: you already know that I’m a copywriter. Which means that I LOVE to write. No surprise then if I tell you that I don’t only write for advertising briefs but also for myself in my spare time. One of my favorite hobbies is writing fanfictions.

To the people who are not familiar with this wonderful art, it consists of writing a story based on a movie, a video game or a TV show which already exists. It can take place before or after or during the events of the original content, have the same characters or not… The possibilities are endless. The only rules are to have fun and unleash your imagination!

And since years now, I’ve been writing about… twenty different fanfictions. The one I’m going to talk about today is an imagined sequel to Frozen. Yes, THAT movie.

I’ve been composing a 330 pages-long novel of a new story featuring Elsa and Anna in a new storyline happening one month after the movie. A funny, soft and adventurous novel which talks not only to Disney fans but also to everyone, thanks to the very sincere and relatable relationship between the two sisters, that I was thrilled to continue.

After years of writing, my novel’s story was as touching as the reviews I got on it! Last month, I sent a sneak peek to my Tumblr and YouTube followers (and they are 12,329, which is… a lot) and they all LOVED it. One of them even nickname me J.K.Rowling 2 since then; honestly the best compliment ever.

So I came to a great decision: make printed copies of the entire version. I spent last weekend on the making of a website on which I could sell them to anyone interested. And this is how my week went, from last Sunday to today Sunday 22nd of October:


I’ve received 9 orders of the book, including 3 persons even spontaneously asking for a signature dedication (WOW!!); 51 messages sent to me via the website to tell me that printing my fanfiction is an awesome idea; 7 comments of congratulation on YouTube; 20 replies on my Tumblr announcement post; and 1 call to my parents in which they both had a jaw-dropping moment because I was finally able to prove them that fanfiction can be serious business. To all pessimists judging it’s a futile writing: take that!


Now I’m the delighted author of a sequel to the most viewed and most popular Disney movie of all times, a sequel which is a novel named ‘Untangling The Frozen Knots’, and damn, the orders are rising up and up.


Here’s the website link if now you can’t wait to have a look:

One thing that you all (especially JJ) will love to spread around!


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