A piece of advice to your 10-year-old self – By KRAK intake

By KRAK intake 2019/20


A piece of advice to your 10-year-old self


This is our 10th group scab.

For this one, write a piece of advice to your 10-year-old self.


Elle: Don’t trust men. 


Matt: life begins at 21. Hang on in there 


Chris: pro gamer is a profession,and make sure you get tested for dyslexia by any means necessary.


Alice: Don’t waste your youth feeling sorry for bullies. (Oh, and actually wear that faux fur jacket you’re going to beg your mum for Xmas when you’re 13, don’t feel embarrassed, it’s fabulous and so are you).


Oliver: The bowl cut has to go. Stay boss… Boss


DJ: Wake up Neo.


Munraj: Things get better.


Tommy: Do things now. It will make everything later much easier. 


Sam: Don’t buy that baby blue, sleeveless, zip-up Ecko hoodie. 


Camila: Wake up earlier. 


Katie: You’ll realise soon that you have a major crush on Tom Hanks – you’ll watch Apollo 13 for the first time and swoon over his acting ability. Don’t worry. Embrace it! I know all of your friends fancy Leonardo DiCaprio but Tom Hanks is very worthy too. 


David: Don’t wait for people to tell you you’re doing great, just do it till they do.


Ivan: You continue doing you.


Phillip: Don’t let Jett and Peewee sell candy canes with you and Zak. They will only get you caught and then you won’t be able to go on the Shrek field trip which everyone will say was really cool. (Ditto.)


Pierre: you will always be 10 years old. 


Maëva: Keep hope !  You will become the person you want to be! And moooooslty DON’T SMOOTH YOUR HAIR! (Fuck)


Leanne: You’re doing fine, kid. Don’t forget to have some fun, though, the world will always need saving. Side note: Yes, you do eventually get a haircut. No, mom does not immediately burst into flames. 


Elisa: it’ll be fine.


Luce: Middle school sucks, just wait for high school and you’ll see it gets way better


Eva: you’re going to be fine. 


Bastien: Give advice to the 22 years old you 


Rolly: Being assigned to after school Chinese AND English classes, plus having a sister who rides better than you does not mean you are useless.  


Gigi: Learn how to boil a kettle before you get to boarding school. It’s not that hard and you’ll need it for making instant noodles.


Alfie: Chill.


Scarlet: School grades don’t reflect intelligence. 


Chloë: Stop skipping your swimming lessons. You’re going to need them in ten years when you fall off your houseboat and into the Thames.


Alex: You can only say one thing


Holly: secondary school isn’t as scary as you think it is, university students aren’t that old, breaking up with your first boyfriend isn’t going to kill you and enjoy yourself have fun and stop worrying you have nothing to worry about.


Marley: You’re having the childhood you seem to think you’re missing out on. And Ma’s right about how fast time will go. Be patient hon and stay weird x


Lawrence: Be nice to your sister 


Carly: Don’t be in such a rush to grow up. There will be plenty of time for that.


Sean: Hard Work Beats Talent 


Işık: Invest in Apple, Google, Tesla and Bitcoin. 


Aaron: Stand up for yourself and your beliefs.  


Dean: When you’re eternally young at heart, growing up just means getting taller and having hair in places  you’ve never had hair before. (See here for example of eternal youth:


Ellie: Eat more ice cream. 


Charlie: Understand yourself and the rest will come naturally.


Isabelle: Let loose.


Rachael: You will not get married to Enrique Iglesias, I’m telling you this for your own good.


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