Art Direction isn’t just a detail. By @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale



Art Direction isn’t just a detail.

It’s term 3, we’ve got 12 weeks left before our big day.

I would be lying if I said I am not worried about it.

We’ve started the term with a week led by Steve Harrison.

It’s amazing how he makes writing copy looks so easy.
It’s not.

There’s as much craft in a headline as there is in a visual.

At least, there should be.

As an Art Director, I’ve been worrying about my craft lately.

Jumping between partners to come up with our Easter campaigns, I’ve only realised today I need more time to end up with the results I have in mind.

And time’s so precious this year, sometimes it feels like Art Direction ends up being a simple detail.

But to me it isn’t. 

I’m passionate about what I do, and I want to push myself and my craft everyday.

It saddens me to rush things for the sake of a deadline.

I want to shoot a whole range of clothes, draw a dozen of different soft and crazy characters for a cheese, have the choice between a hundred of key sets to pick the perfect one.

I’ve been told at this stage, the main thing is to put the idea on a page.

But with only 12 weeks left, I feel lied to.

The idea on a page will not differentiate us from the other teams out there.

The idea on a page, pushed to another level will.

And to get to that, we need craft.
And to craft, I need time.

I’ve had to make a difficult decision with myself yesterday night after having met with Ian.

If I really want to be the best I can be, I need to get some time to think and feed my soul.

So I’ve decided I’ll quit my weekend job.

I’ve barely been out during my Easter break because I needed to recover from the previous term.

Which means I’m coming into term 3 without enough to bring to the table.

How am I going to attract my second half if I’m an empty shell?

I’m more than motivated to make things work and push myself.

And I won’t let anything come in my way.

So hey Term 3, I think I’m ready. 

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