Bad Strategy is not your Friend – By @WeR4everPpl

By Sean Grace


Bad Strategy is not your Friend


His banter is a buzz word slogan

He talks the talk but is a terrible map reader

He can’t bring himself to face facts

If he could find them

He is the opposite of doing what needs to be done first

His very indecision, a failure of his own choosing

He builds the wrong house on shifting sands

And always looks out the same, upstairs window

He pleases no one and panders to all

He keeps conflicting demands happy

He labels his suitcase and packs it ‘pell mell’

Busy boasting who he’ll shag as the flight leaves without him

He overcommits and under delivers

He wouldn’t know an obstacle clambering over it

He’ll change his life then make the same mistakes

He never knows when to cut his nose to save his face

He rode in on an elephant in the room

Like a coach and horses through the blooming obvious

He is a lightweight and packs no punch

And that’s without the fluff padding

He is a solution looking for a problem

As one door opens, he jumps out a window

He always seems to make things worse

A north star behind a bank of cloud

He is impatient and tries to force the moment

He never learns to say no

He never thinks ‘Is this part of the plan?’

He doesn’t like to stand above the parapet

He is always right in his preconceptions

He lacks empathy for others’ perspectives

He follows the herd and feels their instinct

His naivety sees no hands at play

He boasts of tackling problems head on

He is what he says, not what he does

He waits for the right conditions to happen

He doesn’t like to overthink it

He over complicates all simplicity

He is anything but realistic

He echo chambers the murmuring problem

Never questioning ‘Is it worth all the effort?’

He always has 101 things to do

Not what needs be done to make that happen

He believes in honour amongst thieves

While wanting guarantees for everything he does

He is your regular ‘no but’ guy

He can’t smell his own behind

He lives in the now, not in a good way

People who think differently really scare him

His fear of change always stays the same

He fails to build from his strengths up

Asks never if he caused this problem in the first place

His worst fears are his worst assumptions

He masquerades like a big imposter

He is internal contradiction outside its comfort zone

He asks all the wrong questions of all the wrong people

A bunker mentality, at work in a silo

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