Best piece of wisdom/advice you’ve received from a visiting mentor this term?

By John – The SCA Intake of 2017/18


Best piece of wisdom/advice you’ve received from a visiting mentor this term?


Adeline: “If your campaign was to run, would it create a world you’d like to live in?” Tom Manning. Legend.



“Don’t interrupt the things people want to see, make the things people want to see” – Doug Hurcombe (Adjust Your Set)


“When you’ve got an idea push it as far as it can go. Push it as far as Phoebe pushes cups and ice on friends” – Sandra Bold (Publicis)


Sara: Don’t be afraid to keep your personality in your portfolio. It’s a reflection of you, so make it accurate – John Jessup


Gnome: you do you.


Zoe: Great Idea, now what? Be a pusher.


Henry: Express yourself in everything you do


Jonothan: It’s advertising. We can make people care if we make good ads.


Susie: You can learn from any experience – it’s no good to visit gallery’s if you just stand there rubbing your chin and staring absentmindedly at work on a wall – you might learn something more valuable from people watching for an afternoon. – Dave Birss


Petra: Vikesh Bhatt from AnalogFolk gave me great advice on how to make sure that your campaign and thought is as tight and neat and possible. Write down your proposition and strategy in red, print out and put up on the wall. Write down all of your campaign routes in onliners. Put them next to your strategy to make sure they work. Pick one, and craft the shit out of it. Put it next to the strategy – is the thought still crystal clear? Write down why it

works and why it is the best solution to pitch it as Don Draper to your client.


Josh: defend you work.


Christian: Create from the heart, and your work will reflect you.


Meg: Chop off your head and follow your

heart. – Graham Fink


James: write drunk, edit sober.


Ben: Why set yourself an impossible to reach challenge? Making it difficult for yourself isn’t clever, it’s the simplest route that is the best. If you are to chose that impossibility, then kill it.


Helena: talking to Martin Headon last week. He really gets in the head of the consumer and tries to work out the psychological side of advertising.


Pietro: Don’t be conventional


Becky: Keep your childhood tone of voice.


Poppy: boil your idea down to the simplest statement possible. Sometimes the best strapline is a simple, two-word statement.


Twyla: Is it true though?


Nick: You’ve got straight copy and serious point to make, go for bat shit crazy visuals.


Alysha: Break the rules.


Rachel: If you’re having fun and you believe in it then do it. But do it well.


Dan: This work is inauthentic

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