David VS Goliath – By @kylejforeman

By Kyle Foreman


David VS Goliath


This week has truly been the calm before the storm. But even then the calm before the storm was a mini-storm.


From splitting time with different people each day for D&AD, to dot collecting at the Design Museum and Science Museum. Having a week to re-centre and not be in the studio has been great.


It’s interesting how isolating the studio can be. Staying inside one room for five days a week can take its toll, mentally and creatively.


As D&AD edges closer “working smart” has never been so important. I made a little acronym of what I think “working smart” means.


Simplify: Whether that’s picking apart a brief or just choosing the way you get to school. If you simplify everything down to its core, not only will it be easier to tackle but also will seem less terrifying.


Multitask: Work on at least two things simultaneously, but never at the same time. Work in 45-minute stints swapping from one to the other. It will help your productivity but also help you keep the ideas fresh and interesting.


Action: It’s boring talking about it. Just do it. Nothing is more exciting than making it and then showing people.


Reward: Make sure to reward yourself for the hard work you’ve done. Even if it’s only small things. Giving yourself a reward will help you reach your

long-term goal and will also give you a bit more drive.


To-Do: I forced myself to use sticky notes when I was making a To-Do list. It helped me compartmentalise what I had to do and cleared my head so I could focus on the work. Whether or not you stick to it, making a list and putting it up helps clarify where you need to be spending your time.


During the next term I think “working smart” will be the key to our success. Maybe if were lucky…

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