Dear Caz – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


Dear Caz


Dear Caz,


I’ve been meaning to respond to you personally, for quite some time. I also thought you deserved a bit of public accolade.


And so, without further adieu, I’ve decided to dedicate my New Year’s SCAB to you because last year you dedicated so much time to me.


Thank you, Caz, for watching over me.

This one’s for you. (This kind of feels like a speech, so maybe just picture me reading this out to you. If you’re lucky, maybe one day I may.)


Fellow students, listen up, here’s the thing about Caz, you can literally message her at any time, and you’ll be sure to get a very lengthy response. Now that’s ‘Jolly Groovy!’


Disclaimer: This does not mean you should be contacting her at ‘Silly-o-clock.’ Let the woman sleep, for God’s sake!

I should probably take my own advice sometimes though…


Once, at 10:21pm I messaged Caz with some questions, thinking I might be lucky to receive a reply at some stage the next morning. Caz did reply the next morning… 13 minutes after the clock struck midnight.


In July, when I became a hybrid of Willy Wonka and an undertaker, carrying a coffin through the streets of London, who was there right by my side? Yep, you guessed it.


Caz, you’ve really been there for me during some difficult times. (Again, this sounds like a speech!)


As you know, during this last term, my mental health plummeted. I started feeling the imposter syndrome. Not only did you actively listen but you often sent me some really genuine advice.


Recently, I celebrated my 25th birthday and you were there. Time and time again, you have been my saviour. Please understand how appreciative I am, even though I don’t always communicate it. Thanks for making me realise that in order for me to stay in my natural playful child state, I need to calm down, after all, as you say “it’s only creative advertising.”


And just like that 2020 has arrived. Last year is now already a distant memory.



I will need to dig the deepest I ever have.

But I’m not worried.


I’m ready.

I have a creative superpower by my side.

It’s not in Edward De Bono’s book.

It’s not one of Dave Birss’ techniques.

It’s you Caz, my SCA mentor and hero. (Speech!)

“The world is telling you to play.”


This is something you recently told me and it has stuck with me ever since. But as you alerted me today, I must put the word ‘rest’ alongside ‘work’ and ‘play’ too. Doesn’t that now form the Mars Bar strapline?


Caz from the bottom of my heart thank you so much. (Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.)


For the last bit of my scab I thought I’d try my hand at some constrained creative writing exercises inspired by your recent epic copy classes.

Future students jump on board these legendary lessons. They have been an absolute highlight so far. I left both sessions feeling rejuvenated and proud. The class focuses on memory and curiosity. Reflecting on our youths and describing objects like 5-year olds… It’s like the class was designed for me!


Exercise 1.

3 word sentences. Plus the first word has to begin C. The second must start with A. And the third, with Z.

Can Aliens Zoom?

Course! Animals’ zigzag.

Cutting all zucchinis.

Coolly and zealously.


Exercise 2.

Every following word starts with the next letter of my name.

D, E, A, N.

Does every ant need

dairy? Each answer never disregards earthly and native digestions. Eat all nature.


Exercise 3.

Start every sentence with ‘I, do.’

I do want you to tickle my toes.

I do not want you to simultaneously eat a slice of chiffon cake.

I do want you to flip your pillow onto the cool side.

I do not want to marry you at all.

I do things I don’t like doing.

I do.


Exercise 4.

Every sentence has 2 words.

Fuck off.
You twat.
Leave me.
Leave her.
Get out.

Just leave.

Right now.

Please go.

You fool!


Exercise 5.

Every word starts with the letter ‘S’.

“Sandra, Sydney Sucks.
Soooooo sweaty.”

Snarled Sarah.

“Stop! Sydney’s super sexy, sweetie!”

Screamed Sandra.

Caz you rock! Thanks for being there for me in 2019. I know our friendship will only continue to blossom in 2020.

This year, is our year of GREATNESS…


P.S. – I’m going to apologise in advance for the amount of times I pester you during D&AD.


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