Did you know I write poetry? – By @Aaron_Furman1

By Aaron Furman


Did you know I write poetry?


Poetry saved my life. 


I was in the depths of depression. I’d been through some tough times and my enthusiasm for continued existence waned. In that despair, I found a talent for channelling my emotions into poetry. This type of self expression was crucial to my character growth and helped maintain my sanity. 


Here are three of my favourites: 


Hello Mum

Hello Mum.

 I look up and I know you’re the sun,

the light in the darkness. 

Just because you’re not here,

I’m not torn from ear-to-ear. 

You raised me to be 

the gentleman you know I am,

to be respectful to women 

and to always wash my linen.

So, I got inked 

with your signature’s print 

on my right arm 

to remind me every time

of your kind natured alarm. 

Well, because you’ll never be here 

to share another beer 

or watch your grandchildren cheer, 

to see me grow 

and find my life flow. 

But to me your forever here, 

you’re a part of my heart.

When I look in the mirror, 

I still see your smile simmer. 

So, I won’t lose 

and be corrupted 

by this world’s disgusted. 

I’ll shine my light, 

my flame passed on 

by the mother of me

and I’ll brighten up 

the whole damned world. 

This I promise 

you will all see. 

I’ll cover the planet 

and save it 

from its insufferable panic, 

like an opium blanket.

And in that one moment 

you’ll come back to me, 

not physically 

but in the way people see me.

So, I’ll make everyone my friend, 

ask them about their day, 

let them have their say, 

and no one will rain on anyone’s parade. 

So, goodbye Mum. 

I’ll forever be your sun.



Ignominious condition 

I’m in a perpetual state of panic. 

I’m an eccentric fanatic 

of my mind’s personal upper attic 

I need to be set free,

float like a careless bee,

see through my mind’s third eye,

and wave all my problems goodbye. 

So I’ll stop complaining, 

accept my life’s not failing, 

because that’s a state of mind

so I’ll change my subatomic atoms to kind. 

Find my best friends, 

persecute their peripheral vision, 

fine tune their prohibitions 

and lose my ignominious condition. 

We all need to find our laugh, 

stop getting caught up 

with our saddened past,

but still 

we all face the public with a mask. 

We disguise our problems 

in a fantastical guise, 

a ruse so enticing 

we won’t believe we face our own demise. 

Keeling to the throne of our phones, 

a world now filled with the best next tweet, 

or how you think your figure’s imperfect, 

or that grade is now worthless 

and now you have no purpose. 

So I’ll find that one proverbial truth 

that all you really need is your health and a roof

and your imperfections 

will be another one’s perfections.

So I’ll become your wide eyed elation 

get past my perceived mind’s degradation, 

face your indomitable personality 

and I promise 

you will not be 

depressions next fatality.



Inner child

The older you get 

the more you forget. 

You got to write things down 

so you can continue 

to always be around. 

Maybe a dairy 

or a dream journal, 

but just make sure 

you’re your own

story’s colonel. 

Not K.F.C

but think of 

that big B.F.G.

Be that person, 

have that smile, 

so when all’s said and done 

you will hopefully be in heavens aisle. 

But I can’t guarantee 

that you will be.

So I’ll continue to dream

that one day

you will be 

in heavens utility. 

However, remember 

it’s only up to you

I cant force you 

to be true to your who. 

Well, because 

you’re not me.

I can only guide you 

to have that smile. 

What you need to follow

is your inner 

infantile child.

Always relax

and be chillax,

be that hide out

so other people

can sit back 

and relax. 

The world’s your oyster; 

life’s a journey 

not a mile; 

it’s 100 times longer 

than that river Nile.

So please remember 

even if your life’s

only just a little ember 

to be true to your who 

and to always smile 

to your inner child.

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