feelings and memories – By @AlyRadia93

By Alysha Radia


Feelings and Memories

Since starting SCA four weeks ago, I have been reminded of so many feelings and memories that I seem to have forgotten about during my time off, but that I have both relished (and for some, resented) feeling again. Here’s some of them and I look forward to discovering and making many more. 

That feeling of walking into the studio, gazing around and wondering who to have ‘that morning chat’ with. ‘How was your weekend?’ small talk with X or recounting last Friday’s drunken antics with Y? Or maybe solo cuppa with the paper?

That nerve wracking feeling of your name coming up on ‘Randy the randomiser’ and having to pour out what feels like your life story but what is actually the life story of a fictional persona that you made up a mere half hour ago, but that you feel like you know so, so well. Farewell Al the caterer. 

That frantic run up the stairs as the time draws ever closer to 9.30am. A bead of sweat glistens on your forehead as you sit down on the sofa in the nick of time. There’s even time for coffee. 

That sinking feeling when you get called out on having missed a scab. (sorry Marc)

Writing that scab at 20 past midnight with a head sore from thinking after a night of arduous team work (again, sorry Marc).

Spending longer thinking about what to write about than actually writing it. 

Doing said team work, and finishing in good time with a piece of work that we all feel proud of. All before midnight! (the last part is a first to be honest…)

That feeling of mutual group respect for one another and bonding after completing said work. Metaphorical pats on the back all round. 

That incredible feeling of a mentor actually saying your work isn’t terrible. 

That equally incredible feeling of a mentor giving you that ‘meh’ look in response to a piece of your work. You can literally feel yourself getting motivated to do better and learning from the experience on the spot. 

That thrill after actually getting out into the world and making SHIT HAPPEN! On Sunday night, our ‘name our agency’ group took to the streets of London and traipsed around for hours filming for our video. I was in literal physical pain at the end of the day, but it hurt so good.

That Friday feeling that feels better that it does anywhere else, where you feel like you truly and utterly DESERVE that double vodka soda lime at Market House. It is, after all, your god given right.

Remembering the pain of the SCA ‘freshers 2 months’ schedule. That is, being tired all week and hungover all weekend.

That feeling of sitting in a masterclass and being completely engrossed in and enthralled with what the speaker is saying and frantically trying to jot down every piece of gold that comes out of their mouths. 

That feeling of writing a scab and saying some stuff and thinking it was ok, but then not knowing how to end it. 

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