Five things you absolutely NEED to know about interview day – By @aliceburden1

By Alice Burden


Five things you absolutely NEED to know about interview day


So, you got past the first stage. You’ve had your phone call with Marc and you’ve been told some cryptic information about your interview day. But I’m guessing you’re feeling quite lost and confused as to what’s going to happen next. 


Fear not, for I have the answers to all your worries.


  1. What is SCA all about?

Ad school is a very serious business. If you’re here to make friends, you can think again. We’re not here to play. Imagine a Battle Royale, a fight to the death, day in day out, nine am to eight pm. No lunch breaks, no wee breaks, just hard graft. You’ll be lucky if you make it out alive.


  1. What’s Marc like?


Marc is the tyrannical dean of SCA. Every day Marc and his hell hound come into the building and you can feel the walls shiver. Dressed in all black, a long leather coat and a black fedora, he commands silence when he walks through the studio. When talking to Marc, do not make eye contact and keep your head bowed, or he will get very upset. You don’t want to see him upset.


  1. What should I wear?


For men, a suit. Preferably black with a thin black tie. No cufflinks, no patterns or any kind of accessory. Black shoes. Women, the exact same – including the tie.


  1. What should I write for my four minute presentation?


So this is the big one. What should I do my presentation on? 


Marc loves text heavy powerpoint presentations and he’s really keen on note cards. If you’re willing to splurge I’d recommend buying a laser pointer for your presentation and maybe one of those clickers. Microphone headsets are also a must. 


In terms of what you should talk about? I’d go for a presentation on something like marketing, branding or advertising – or maybe the economy. Facts are a must. 


You’ll be doing the interview in front of the current class, and boy are we hard to please. We’re not interested in who you are, we don’t want to know anything about you. We need cold hard data and facts to keep us going. No frills, no personality, just information, thanks.


  1. I’m really nervous, is there anything I can do to calm the nerves?


Narcotics are a good shout. You’ll notice we’re all users. You can get some from the dealers by the side of the church*.


So, I hope that was helpful and you’re now well prepared for your interview. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it very much, because you’ll be taking time out of our precious schedules, but at least it’s a break from the toil and drudgery that is being inflicted upon us. 


I jest, I jest! Honestly, my two bits of real advice are:


  1. Be yourself (wear what you’re comfortable with) and write a personal presentation – write something that no one else could do. Because as Marc says, “People buy people”. So sell yourself.
  2. When you walk in to SCA on interview day, you’ll know if it’s your place.


*This is actually true.

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