Got Drunk & Wrote A Poem – By @augustine_cerf

By Augustine Cerf



Got Drunk & Wrote A Poem


Goodbye Clare 

O fairest Clare, 

I won’t just speak to make a rhyme, 

Yet life feels horribly unfair, 

When we must bid goodbye, 

To someone who so deeply cares.



Like all the greats who, lacking the time

To dedicate themselves to others, 

Did it anyway, 

The over-worked, hard-hearted mothers, 

Who knew there was a better way,

Putting notes in lunch-boxes to make it a better day. 

Who, when the kids had chicken-pox, 

Found the time to play and pray, 

To stay home to speak much-needed  words, 

Who, even when away, on business trips, 

Found a stray minute to put a smile on their child’s lips. 

The ones who stick out of the herd, 

Proverbial sore thumbs, 

The outward-facing quiet ones,

Who think to leave behind breadcrumbs, 

To open up the paths

In sorrow’s aftermath

That let our tired lips recover laughs. 

The ones who never ever give half,

The ones who graft, 

Too sensible for overdrafts,

Making everything feel choreographed, 

Who stick their necks out for you like giraffes. 

The greats who find the strength to make things better,

Put pen to paper and write a letter 

Sometimes down, but never bitter, 

Discerning citizens who rarely litter.  

The kind who never make you feel dumb, 

Even if you are some,

The kind who goes down to the slums, 

To look after sick children who don’t have mums. 



The unsung champions of the extra mile, 

Who birthed worlds out of a smile. 

Setting the fierce foundations

Out of which men build nations,

Providing life’s narration 

Out of which we lift quotation. 

The who we’ll see, on reflection, 

Crafted beauty from affection, 

Gave us cloaks of fortification, 

And the fearlessness of aspiration, 

Making the ever-needed Translation 

From desperation to celebration. 

The ones who, like our departing Clare, 

Deeply, deeply care

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