Guess the scene – By @CharlesHueWill1

Guess the scene

Our carrier circles overhead, prepared to deploy. 

The enemy waits, festering below. Hiding across the harsh wasteland of PAN5, the homeland of these stale specimens. 

The orders are given to airdrop down, making sure to hit our intended mark. We descend in green unison, resembling a snake uncoiling from above, set to strike. 

Organising an initial perimeter, we surround the terrain. Ready to work our way inward, to guarantee a full sweep of the area. 

Things seem quiet, the air parched and still. General Origi knows this will not to last however, as he sees the artillery beacon activated in the distance. 

The heavens open as an initial barrage rains from the sky. Hurtling down with the force of a thousand crashing waves. 

Debris is blasted into the air, as the damage lays waste to the enemy infrastructure, allowing the ground troops to ready their assault. 

The team begins to charge inward, separating into two squads. Lift Squad cuts through the lower labyrinth of catacombs, whilst Action Squad patrols the surface for filthy scum. 

Reaching the deeper cavens, suddenly the dirt devils begin emerging from every crack, no space spared by the grimey hoard. 

“Contact left!” 

Gun fire rips through the war zone, neutralising targets and separating limbs from life. 

Holding the line Lift Squad push on, driving the foe back into their nest. 

The waves of slime appear unending but pale in comparison to our advanced weaponry. Chemical grenades hurtle into each bunker, delivering blasts of sterilising acid. Multiplying exponentially, the foam obliterates any opposition reactive to its immense power. 

“We’re making ground, keep going!” 

This effort is short lived however as some enemies are too well fortified. Time has allowed them to grow strong and resilient, deflecting our attacks. 

A second aerial assault commences, to aid us in this endeavour. It floods the canyon floor, forcing us to wade through a boggy terrain. 

This is what we were trained for however. The newly soaked surface amplifying our advanced tech. 

Charges laid across the stronghold walls detonate, eroding the rivals defences deep at their foundations. 

The onslaught continues, as our assault on the enemy gate persists. 

Wave after wave, we drive upon the filth knowing their ramparts cannot outlast our bombardment. 

This is not a mission we expect to return from, knowing that nothing less than our best will succeed. 

We have the opposition cornered as we set up position for our final assault. 

Encircling the stains of our existence, we charge, as the third cannonade falls from above. 

The terrain, still fizzing from where we had just come. The earth burnt and scarred by our unnatural ammunition. Our forces now united, we no victory is in sight. 

We ascend the battlements, no fear in our eyes. This is a one way trip and we mean to see it through. 

The orders were simple, no one was to be left alive. 

The mothership fires its ultimate force. Cascading spears from above, impaling friend and foe alike. Scouring the surface, no straggler evades detection. 

War is done for another day, our enemy and comrades all washed away. 

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