Hey @educationgovuk – Here’s how you can finally do something to help creative education

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A little while ago, and very quietly, the Department for Education cancelled Career Development Loans.  These are the loans that students choosing to learn somewhere other than a university could apply for.  (University students can get something called a Student Loan)

Scrapping this facility will cause a massive dent to diversity and inclusivity. I wrote an email to the Department asking for advice that I could share with my students.  Their reply was about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.  So I replied to their reply – letting them know about this scholarship competition.

Enter this scholarship competition, impress the industry, win a scholarship at our school without any need for a Career Development Loan.

My reply and details of the competition are below.  As you can see, I have invited them to join the judging panel. Fingers crossed.

Hey @educationgovuk – Here’s how you can finally do something to help creative education


Thank you for getting in touch. We can confirm that we have received the information you submitted.

A copy of your submission is below.

Question about an open academy: no
I am responding to an email received from J Burgis. Reference ********. 

The advice in that email suggested that I register our school as an apprenticeship training provider. This is not an option, because we do not teach apprentices. Ours is a full-time course, in our school, which is not viable under the apprenticeship framework.

The other link that you shared is not at all useful for a school like ours.

We feel strongly that it is a terrible shame that future students of ours will not be eligible to apply for a career development loan, now that this scheme has ended. It was the only funding option available to students wanting to study at a Portfolio School. The loss of CDL’s will mean less diversity within the creative industries.

Fortunately, our school gives out lots of scholarships. We have 36 students, and we share about 12 scholarships each year. Some scholarships are won in competitions. Some of our students have conceived of this idea for a scholarship competition – and we wondered whether anyone from the DoE would like to join my panel of Employers from the Advertising Industry on our Awards Jury? – this link will take you to the scholarship competition.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and to hearing how a generation of creative talent attempt to get your attention.

all the best,

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