How to make a tortilla de patatas  – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes


How to make a tortilla de patatas 


I have no fucking idea of how to make one but I definitely should. It has been one of my favorite meals since I was a child.

During my life, I could eat tortilla because my mum made it or because my friends made it. In both cases, I just had to provide some good conversation, some laughs or some beers. 

BUT I’ve never faced this 1 to 1 challenge before. Until today.

At the school we’ve learned that we have to do things that scare us and making a tortilla de patas freaks me out for different reasons:

  1. The boredom of cooking.
  2. My mum will be disappointed with me. She may not say I am her daughter and I may be disinherited.
  3. People may judge my cooking skills, my laziness or they may even doubt that I am Spanish. 

As we are people who make stuff happen, I’ve made a tortilla de patatas today and I’ll share with you how to make it. Of course, you can decide if you want to listen to my advice or listen to my advice. Yes, listen to my advice. So here it goes:

  1. Go to the supermarket and buy potatoes, onion, eggs, olive oil and beer.
  2. Open your beer.
  3. Slice the potatoes and the onions.
  4. Heat a pan with olive oil
  5. Add the potatoes and onions.
  6. Keep it medium heat for 15 minutes.
  7. Break the eggs into a jug and beat with a fork. Add a pinch of salt.
  8. Put the potatoes and onions over the egg mixture.
  9. Once it’s all together. Put it on the pan for 4 minutes. Don’t stop moving it.
  10. Here it comes the difficult part. You have to throw the tortilla in the air so that it makes a perfect 180º move.
  11. Repeat step 9.
  12. Put the tortilla on a great plate.
  13. Eat the tortilla and que aproveche!

(2 hours later)

This my first tortilla de patatas. It is tastes better than what it seems but anyway, if you ever want to make one, please don´t follow my instructions. Watch a tutorial on YouTube and invite me to judge if it is mediocre, good enough or brilliant. I am a good eater.


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