By Leonore Leitner




Today was the first day after half term break and I’m quite happy to be back in the studio every day. But to be honest I was also happy to have a week off and get some stuff done that I couldn’t find time for before. And also to have some time to move into our new house.

Now that I finally have a home, I feel like I really need to start my daily habits. I was planning to start some of them from the first day on but it was so difficult to have a routine and stick to it without the security of a house and some space of your own. And I also have to admit that our house search distracted me way more than it should have. You can’t be unfocused or have your head somewhere else when you’re at the studio. You should give your best every day. And I know for myself that I’m easily distracted, it takes me seconds to drift away, but a long time to get back into reality.

I started this SCAB yesterday and funnily enough this morning I found out that our reflection this week is similar to the topic of this SCAB. I recalled all of things I wanted to start doing on a daily basis since moving to London. And the list has grown a lot since then, because it now includes a lot of advice from mentors that I want to practice regularly to make them a natural habit.
I really want to use my time to grow the most I can as a person while I’m at SCA. In hope that by writing them down, I will maybe stick to them, here is how I plan to make the best out of my day (& maybe it also recalls some things people who read it want to practice).

Throughout the day:

– really be at SCA at 9 am to get some stuff done and a clear mind before we start – always be well prepared if you have to present something
– reflect after every presentation what you have done well or could have done better – take every opportunity, or make some even if they are not there
– take responsibility for the group, like cleaning the studio, etc
– ask the mentors a lot of questions to learn the most you can from their wisdom
– Always listen! (to mentors, people on the street, etc)
– try to do things different than the day before

Things I Should Do With Every Idea:

– remember there is no such thing as a bad brief/never turn down a brief – make a creative brief, maybe persona
– Sticky test
– Score 1-10

– when executing divide everything into squares
– ask mentors or classmates for help/feedback
– Is your idea simple enough to fit onto a post it?
– remember: idea first, media second, budget in front of the camera – 6 hat thinking

– if no good idea comes out of your head: gather information, look for a connection, walk away from it, write something/make something, test it; scamp/freedrawing

With Every Ad I See:

– sticky test
– if it’s bad, think about how you could make it better using 3 creative techniques – Think about what is the… audience, insight, proposition, role of communication

– look for a slogan in every possibility throughout the day
– make a new strapline for generic products/generic streamlines you see somewhere

My Recommendations/Plan To Grow:

– start and end you day with gratitude
– do some lunges while brushing you teeth
– find at least 1 problem a day
– Do 20 min of scamping with creative techniques
– work on your skills if you find time
– Read some newspapers or learn something that’s interesting you – Learn 10 new words

And at the end of the day sleep about 2 hours because theres no more time left for a good night’s rest. I also feel like every week this list will get longer, so I know I really have to work on my time management but I guess the more you practice these things the easier and faster you get?!

In a perfect world case scenario this is what I would do to make the best out of my learning experience at SCA, in this limited time that we have here and will never get back.

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