I always put off these SCABs. – By @LawrenceESlater

By Lawrence Slater


I always put off these SCABs.


I always put off these SCABs, I have never had Amy chase me up but I am always writing it just before the deadline.


I don’t really know why maybe I’m just bad at disciplining myself. This is the reality though, this is how it is. Even when I try and start early I do not finish it.


I usually write these when at home as I find I need a quieter environment than can be found at school. I allocate some time to do it but end up distracting my self by doing some of these things.


I take a long bath. I love baths, I currently have a really nice stand-alone tub. I take two types of baths, one I will play music and just relax often with my eyes closed. The other type I will have a camomile tea and read, trying hard not to get my book wet.


My goto procrastination though is to take a shower. I shower at least twice a day (bad for the environment I know.) It just makes me feel good and helps me avoid doing other things, often will finish this off by shaving. It is a chore I normally don’t want to do unless a SCAB is due. 


Walking my dog Lacey is something I have to do daily and a great distraction. I usually take her down to goose green, normally further if the deadline is coming in fast.


There is a Sainsbury’s near my house, so I will walk up to it buy a pack of the 10 vegan cookies, eat 5 of them on the 5-minute walk home and then make a cup of tea and eat the rest.


Once I have got in I will call literally anyone, ask them about their day. Catch up and put off the ongoing task even more. Usual calls include my mum, my sister, Shabz or my bezzie mates Will, Tim or Duncan.


I do not watch much tv at all. But if a SCAB is due I’d happily watch an episode of anything. Currently watching Love is Blind, like blind date but turbocharged. People fall in love and propose to each other without even seeing one another. 


Browsing Instagram, this is so pointless but such a banging way to waste time. First I check the stories, then my feed and finally the explore page. This is usually full of models wearing cool outfits, Marcus Rashford goals and guys lifting weights.


I like my house clean, so if I have a Scab is due I will definitely make sure the house is spotless. My stairs for some reason seem to really attract dust so I will hoover these. Make sure the kitchen is pristine, do my washing and fold away any clothes.


I’m a bit obsessed with swimming and going to the gym. I like to go every day but with SCA I struggle to quite do that. But if a SCAB is due I’m definitely in my speedo’s doing 1k in the pool or at the bench pushing them weights.


A nice evening activity of mine is to walk 5 mins from my house to the ice cream shop opposite the Picturehouse cinema on Lordship lane. There is a nice charm to it and the banana sorbet there is perfect. It’s perfect SCAB fuel. 


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