I’m in love with two women ❤️ – By @lucyannp_

By Lucy Pennock

I’m in love with two women ❤️


So I wrote them a love letter each.


Dear Rosie,

I think I’m in love with an older woman.

I can’t explain it, it’s just this feeling deep within me. Where do I start?

She’s amazing. Perfect. Beautiful. Talented. Humble. Intelligent.

Flattery aside, I admire her a lot.

I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. Since I wanted to start working in advertising.

I wanted to be at BBH, under her reign. Until she moved of course.

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have an incredible masterclass by her.

She showed us her iconic career dating back from her first to her very last pieces of work.

The standard was nothing but exceptional.

Every ad showed new original thinking, fresh art direction, meaning and purpose behind the work. Whether that was to get parents to put a Robinsons fruit shoot in their kids school lunch boxes or to get men to buy a pair of Levis. The work was hot. Sexy. Exciting. Work you’d be proud to put your name on. And work you’d wanna show off in front of everybody.

I’ve decided that I want and am going to have a career like hers.

She resonates with me because not only is she a kick-ass lovely lady, but she’s also very humble, down-to-earth and isn’t a man.

Which is refreshing because there are a lot of them in our industry. Especially at the top tier.

You see there’s this thing at the moment about women in the workplace suppressing their femininity in order to rise to the top.

Must act more masculine. Must not show emotion. Must bulldozer over others to get a pay rise.

I’m kind of sick of it. I like being a woman. I like that I’m empathetic, sensitive and emotional. I like that I feel things. I’ve always felt my femininity or ’sensitivity’ as a sign of weakness in this industry. I feel like I’ve had to man-up, bottle up my emotions. And yes being professional is highly important. Leave the crying to the toilets, Lucy. But fuck it. Women need to embrace their differences to men. Our biological hormonal differences and at times erratic behaviour is a beautiful thing. I don’t want to pull the gender card out here but bloody hell – women are great.

We’ve been punished for our emotional temperament for centuries yet look at Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She’s won a BAFTA and is now rolling in it because she’s made a career for herself writing about the complexities of flawed women.

I’d like to be like Phoebe. Or you.

Anyway, enough about my feminist ramblings.

If Meg moves out, please take me under your swanlike wing.

Also, where do you get your hair done? 

It’s so shiny and blonde. I love it. 

Lucy x


Dear Lauren,

I know you’ve not been feeling your best this week. So I decided to write you a letter about why I think you’re the best.

I think you’re fucking great. Not only do I consider you a really good friend but I know deep down I’ve bagged one of the best art directors in the room. We’re both not the quickest cookies in the room. But that doesn’t matter. When we get off the ground we’ll be flying. We’ll be unstoppable. I just know it. I’ve got this feeling. The stars will be aligned. The moon won’t be in retrograde. We’ll be soaring.

Your unique way of seeing things and laying out a new page is something I admire and bloody respect. You’re like a young brunette Alexandra Taylor. Relentless, hard-working, and so talented. Those pencils will come I’m sure of it. Whether you’re with me or not, your ideas and art direction are always golden. They’ve got humour and personality to them but you also know when to be serious, and how to make things look edgy and fresh. Sometimes, I don’t even need to write or do a single thing.

I also love that you’ve got a great eye for strategy and that when it comes to research we’re both digging around in the gold dust together. You’re an incredible thinker. Your ideas are brilliant. You solve problems and link things up in your brain in a way I struggle to. You care about the world and it’s your empathy and generosity that makes me love and respect you even more. But it’s your kooky, goofy personality and down-to-earth, hard-working attitude that makes me know I’ve found a partner for life. Or a successful career if not life 😉 We also have a good old laugh…and the odd cry. Which in my eyes is the most important thing?! We’re so incredibly different on the outside but on the inside, we’re so very similar. Your favourite colour may be brown and mine lilac but together we’re BR-ILAC.

I’ve bought our URL. It’s now official.


Luce xxx

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