Is SCA sticky? Let’s see if SCA passes the SUCCES test @ritarriera

By Rita Riera Pastallé 

Simple: 3, and I’m being generous. On average we have 6 mentors a day, a masterclass or 2, a one day brief, 2 portfolio briefs and working on our documentaries. And we’re not even at 40% of the workload. Not simple at all.


Unexpected: 9. It is not a 10 because I kind of knew where I was getting into, but the way I did it’s been way different than expected. I got into SCA thinking that this would be a very intense course that would nurture my professional and creative side but for now, I’ve been learning mostly about myself, how I think, how I behave, how I make mistakes and how to fix them. I’ve met people I never thought I would and these people have had an impact on me and my life that I never imagined. Everything is upside down now, but they make this mess worth it.


Credible: 8. I’ve struggled a bit thinking about how I would apply credibility to SCA. For me, it is the feeling of it being an open door to the industry. A real chance to jump into the best agencies and not just a crazy school where you do crazy things. Having these many great mentors coming from the top of the industry really caring about our work makes me feel that if I work hard enough I can, someday, be where some of them are.


Concrete: 6. This mark is biased by my wish to become an entrepreneur. I got into SCA not being sure if starting my own business just after leaving, or trying to work for a few years in advertising. When I just got to SCA I felt like it was 90% focused on people who want to get into advertising and not entrepreneurs. I still have this feeling sometimes, when I feel the pressure to say if I’m an art director or a copywriter and the only concept that appears to mind is ‘ideapreneur’ and I feel this is not how it’s supposed to be.


Emotional: 10. Never heard about a school that had a student clinic running every day to help students deal with it and that always has someone in. I think I’ve already been there a couple of times. We sometimes just need to talk to someone about what is going on in our minds because SCA has become a part of our lives so fast that everything we live inside this church is really intense and gets magnified.


Story: 8. The first weeks at SCA felt like a random pile of tasks and masterclasses that didn’t quite make sense altogether. But now I’m seeing the bigger picture and everything we do has a purpose. Since you start realising about your skills and what you lack until starting to build your own strategies. It all makes sense now and the feeling of confusion I had the first weeks has evolved into excitement for what next term has prepared for us.


Final result: 44/60.

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