Lessons we can learn from the Kardashians – By @bellwoodart

By Elle Bellwood


Lessons we can learn from the Kardashians 


This SCAB is not what you think. There is a lot we can learn from one of the most famous family in the world. You can’t deny that the Kardashians know how to communicate their brand well (even if they’re paying someone else to come up with the ideas). 

So how have a family with little to no talent managed to grow a billion dollar brand. 

  1. Go to any lengths. 

Kim Kardashian was willing to release her own sex tape and marry a guy she didn’t even like to get media attention. There is not much more you can ask from a woman. At what lengths would you go to, to be successful? 

  1. Use the people around you. 

Kim by herself wouldn’t have been as successful but pulling in her whole family and selling themselves as a package, made them a lot more desirable as they appealed to a lot more people. So don’t do things alone, working as a team produces better, more diverse work. 

  1. Use the medium. 

Don’t really have to explain this one. They’re famous for their bodies and their looks and they couldn’t have squeezed anymore money out of it. 

  1. Admit when you aren’t in the right and change the message. 

There has been numerous occasions where Kim knows she has f*cked up. For example when she released her underwear brand, Kimono, she got huge backlash around the brand name. So she pulled the brand and worked with fans to released the new and improved SKIMS which now sells out weekly. She listened to her audience and changed her product accordingly. 

  1. Network. 

In the early Kardashian days they took every interview, photoshoot, red carpet and event they were invited to, to get their name out there. I feel this relates to us at SCA at the moment, we need to be emailing and talking to every professional possible to see what opportunities come out of it. 

  1. Get yourself a good copywriter. 

North West. Genius. (joking!) 

  1. Get in the news. 

Marc often pushes us to try and get in the newspapers. The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder. Theres been much speculation over the years about whether or not some of the headlines are true. My favourites are Kim being held at gunpoint in Paris and Jordyn Woods kissing Khloe’s baby daddy. Even if they’re fake they made front page news. 

  1. Have a USP. 

One way a lot of people know about the Kardashians is due to their bums. Having a larger arse meant they were offering something different. So to stand out and be recognisable you need to offer something different to your competitors. 

  1. Timing is key. 

I don’t know how but Kylie Jenner was able to conceal her pregnancy from the world but she managed to keep it a secret. It is a classic ‘you want what you can’t have’ the papers were in a 

frenzy for months trying to unpick stories and find any leaked photos. It only made it bigger and more important news. 

Bellwood xox 

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