Managing my time is hard. 1+1 seems to equal 5. – By @LawrenceESlater

By Lawrence Slater


Managing my time is hard. 1+1 seems to equal 5.


Marc gave us a schedule for our time management at the start of the week. It added up to 42 hrs work and he explained how we should all be able to stick to it. 42hrs a week sounds like a blessing to me right now. I am currently writing this at 11 pm, I’ve been working for most of the day (took and 1hr break to play football) and was at school at 8 am this morning. Was it optimistic, or is there something wrong with me?


The time management wiz woman (oops forgot her name) that came in last term gave some tips which I put in to practice.


One was to delete read and dealt with emails from your inbox. To keep your inbox and mind free and to make you practice dealing with emails as soon as you read them. Ok, I can do this, so I deleted all my emails straight away. The problem with this is what do you do when you have to go back and reference your email at a later date! This is something that keeps happening to me and makes me feel stupid for deleting said email each time.


Another tip was “the best thing you can do to make time is say no to things.” Sure that makes sense. Free up time by doing less and help yourself out by not spreading yourself too thin.  Problem with this is it can cause you to have no friends if you repeatedly turn down their offers to hang out and in my case causes me to exercise a lot less. Also, I keep getting that text “where are you?” or “why haven’t I seen you in so long?” Look friends it is nothing personal, I’m just busy making ads and skateboarding around the studio.


As much as I write a schedule is doesn’t quite seem to add up. 1+1 seems to equal 5. As a wise man/woman once said: everything takes longer than you think. Why is this soo true?


I struggle to fit in all my work nevermind walking my dog, seeing my girlfriend, doing my laundry, calling my mum, keeping up to date with the premier league and watching the new season of love island. (Wow that new girl.) Realistically I should be fine though, there are plenty of busier people out there. There are CEO’s that manage to keep fit and have young kids. Or is it just they say ‘no’ to everything and from that have no friends and can never find old emails to reference.


There is a constant anxiety that comes with feeling like you don’t have enough time to do everything. I think of my self as very calm and level headed person. My girlfriend’s sister refers to me as the ‘zen master,’ which really makes me LOL. But I think there is some truth in it. If the zen master is finding everything hard to juggle I can’t help but think this must be affecting others in the class even more than me. It is all great practice for life though and at least I work is fun.

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