Martin Parr – By @ggflrs

By Gemina Gil Flores


Martin Parr


Martin is definitely my favourite photographer. I do really love the aesthetic he developed through his career and particularly the series he does on the beach. One of my dreams is to own an original copy of one of his photographs one day. I tried to find out the value, but it says “price on demand” on the website. Which is not a good sign. 


So if you’re not familiar with him, I strongly recommend to go online and look at his work :).


Here are my favourite ones: 


  1. Spain, Benidorm (from Common Sense), 1997
  2. Selected Images from The Last Resort, 1983 (the lady look like my mom younger)
  3. Beach Therapy, 2018 (series)
  4. The phone book, 1998-2002 (cover of the book)
  5. New Brighton, Merseyside from ‘The Last Resort’ , 1983–1985 (book)
  6. New British, from the series “common sense”, 1995-1999 


Honestly, I wanted to make a list of 10 but it’s so hard to choose!


He also released a short movie about the way he works, you can find it here: with a very interesting article as well. 


Doing this SCAB and watching again some of his work reminded me how much I love him. When I will have some time back and a bit of money, I want to invest in a camera, go out and shoot. That’s one of the several things I wanna do to feed my brain again. SCA is great, but really don’t let you time to do this kind of stuff. I also got a list of books I wanna read, places I want to go, things I want to try (like archery lol). Cooking, doing sport, even shopping. Soon!




Wait. Is that my last SCAB?

I should probably have done a review of my year, but I feel like most of the SCAB I did was about me me me and I so ending with a cultural bonus is better. I’m so stressed at the minute and constantly thinking/talking about the school that writing about something else was quite beneficial.  


Well, bye

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