Morals over Money – By @G_Medford

Morals over Money

The world is changing all around us, and a lot more quickly then we could of even have comprehended but it is our ability to adapt and change with the timesthat makes us versatile human beings, there is nothing is the history of earth that no other human has had to face before that we can not get through today. The history of earth is a very long one, but we as humans have only been able torecord the past few thousand years successfully, giving us the perception that we haven’t been here that long at all but that is defiantly wrong. We should pay closer attention to everything that has happened before so we do not make the same mistake as our ancestors and create a thriving society that they would be proud of and immune to all these ancient enemies of progression.

These same principles can be applied to the advertising world, as much as we are entrusted to generate growth, impressions and awareness. It is also our moral duty to use our mass communication tools to educate the civilised world and teach them not to make same mistakes dictated in history books. Some things are worth a lot more then the money paid for a campaign.There have been many issues that have taken too long to get noticed or even been taken onboard as actual issues, even till this day we have serious problems and divides within modern society that will be fixed if all great minds come together to help push these agendas in the right direction, such as equal rights and pay for woman, civil and human rights for all humans of earth, protection of our wildlife and conservation of the fauna and taking money out of politics globally.

We shouldn’t bend our rules for the likes of others trying to push their agendas for personal wealth and further divides within our communities. There should be deeper thinking into the impact of our own actions and the repercussions that will follow. People may think who the fuck am I to be writing these things but as ahuman that shares the same soil and air as yourself. I believe in these things as acore principle and no matter the client that I may art direct for I will try my hardest to try fix what is wrong within the world. One campaign at a time.

I am Christopher Medford. Aspiring Art Director and philanthropist.

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