My First Fortnight at SCA, in Six Perspectives – By @philgull

By Philip Gull


My First Fortnight at SCA, in Six Perspectives


SCA is a place where many different perspectives – on life, on art, on advertising –meet. Here are some of them.


  1. Marc’s Perspective:


(Excerpt from The Gospel According to Marc, 1.16-18 [2018]):


Now, as Marc did wander past the great and populous Sea of Unfulfilled Mid-Twenties Employees, He saw Alex and Coco, Jacob and Leonore, Rachel and Victoria, Tedj and Charlotte, Alex and Dan, Jemma and Lucy, Rob and Zoe, Thomas and Charlène, Alfie and Dean, Joe and Maddy, Ruby and Matthew, Camille and Alysha, DJ and Joe, Marta and Saphire, Manon and Alison, Andy and Francisco, Joe and Mary, Sophie and Lucie, Alexis and Antonio, Forrest and Josie, Max and Tarun, Jennifer and Aleksandra, Charles and Holly, Lauren and Phil, Tom and Gémina and Karolina casting their fishing nets (for these nets were in truth Excel Spreadsheets – which looketh wondrous similar to fishing nets from a distance) haplessly into the Void of Dull and Monotonous Exertion, for they all had dull as hell desk jobs.


And Marc said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of Ideas


And straightaway they forsook their Excel Netsheets, and followed him. 



  1. The Pit’s Perspective:

    I am the pit

Marc made me scary

But scary things

Can be lonely too. 

It is hard 

When everyone is frightened of you

I think I deserve love

As much as the next pit

But the long years

Have resigned me to the feeling

Of absence

I must represent. 


I had a dream once

Of opening a bakery

In a small village once.


I am the pit

Marc made me scary

But scary things

Can be lonely too. 



  1. The Perspective of Squirrel, Marc’s dog

    hello hello i am the dog a dog monologue i the dog am the dog this dog what was that hello hello this building my dog basket the chairs the stairs i don’t like stairs they are not ergowoofnomically designed for paws what was that what was that lotsa new tall strange smellers love me love me love me what was what love me love me one of them stole my leash my hero my hero what was that grrrrr grrrrr max says says there are arf rats love rats rats are snacks food food food walking food no rats no rats but lotsa lotsa other snacks hi snacks what was that investigate hello hello i am the dog the dog the dog



  1. The Sink’s Perspective:


They are learning.

They are learning.

They are learning without carrots

With emails as sticks

They are learning to clean. 


A few months of Christmas calm

Before stress unlearns cleanliness. 


April is the cruellest month, breeding

Scuzz and scum and fetid mugs, mixing

Thought and ort in mingled scrap, stirring

D&AD dreams in patterns unclean.



  1. The Perspective of my Fob that occasionally lets me in the building and doesn’t like afternoons


There once was an SCA fob

That barely did its only job.

If you hoped it would open

You’d hope for a moment

Then wait for someone else’s fob. 



  1. Adobe’s Perspective 


My name is ADOBE, King of Kings

Look on my works, ye copywriters

And despair! 


I sit.


A bear-shaped ziggurat

Slate as a cliff

Infinite programs in pure hieroglyphs. 


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