Not A Clue

John Trainor






By John Trainor-Tobin

No this SCAB is not a about my lack of knowledge (though that would proberbly be a good read) it’s more about how much my friends and family know about me starting the SCA very soon. Since receiving the phone call from Marc letting me know that I have been offered a place at the school, all I’ve wanted to do is talk about it and though my friends and family are very proud they still talk about it as if it was like any other course out there.
When I first stared working and became interested in the advertising industry my dad thought I meant I was handing out flyers, now I don’t know if this is his idea of what advertising is or that he instantly thought I couldn’t work at an agency as it was my first ever job. My mum isn’t much better at understanding what it is I’m doing either, whenever I’d come home from work she would ask me
“what did you do today” and I’d normally respond by telling her what brand I’d worked on and was always met with the same response “oh that sounds good”.
I’m guessing it’s getting pretty obvious who the title of this SCAB is about.
This hasn’t stopped me constantly talking about starting at the SCA though I’m always asking questions about next year to people who have no idea of the answer just to bring up the subject of the school. It’s normally met with a glazed look and a unenthusiastic response but I just can’t help it.
To be in a room full of people who know and understand what the SCA is, is strangely a big reason why I’m looking forward to getting stared.
I’m sure once I have stared I won’t say another word about it due to the amount of work I’ll be doing. Instead I’ll probably be giving friends and family some very unenthusiastic answers when asked about how everything’s going.
Oh and by the way, I love my mummy and daddy very much.

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