O little town of Brixton – The SCA Nativity – By @PugheScarlet

By Scarlet Pughe


O little town of Brixton – The SCA Nativity


With Christmas fast approaching, hundreds of schools around the UK prepare for their yearly nativity. This got me thinking.. what if SCA put on a nativity? 

Obviously as the director, executive producer and casting director of what is soon to be the best production of the nativity the UK has ever seen, I must be exempt from playing a part. But this did make me wonder who in the Krak cohort would be most suited to each role. 

Treating my job role as casting director with the upmost importance, I started to research what primary school teachers look for in their auditionees. I read an article in the independent which stated the characteristics of each part, which now makes it very clear why I was cast as Mary 3 times in a row (s/o to mum and dad). But this made my job muchhhh easier, so without further ado, the 2019 cast of the SCA Nativity – 

‘O little town of Brixton’. 

Mary – Gigi (Understudy – Elle)

  •       Louder-than-average voice for a five-year-old
  •       Not averse to blue or holding hands with boys
  •       Parents likely to contribute to school funds in a significant way

Joseph –  Oliver (Understudy – Tommy)

  •       Always does his homework and gets at least 9/10
  •       Definitely going to be a prefect
  •       Quite quiet but also somehow annoying
  •       Will grow up to found an app that will make him a millionaire

Baby Jesus –  Squirrel (Understudy – Zelda)

  •       Small and can’t speak

Narrator –  Katie (Understudy – Phillip)

  •       The one who organises all the social engagements
  •       Loves the sound of their own voice
  •       Ends up doing everything because they don’t trust anyone else to do it right
  •       Bossy AF

Shepherd – Alex (Understudy – Pierre)

  •       Absolute LAD
  •       Mad for the BANTS
  •       Sometimes a bit naughty but really just a cry for attention
  •       Pretends not to enjoy wearing a tea towel on head, secretly loves it

Wise man/person king – Chloë (Understudy – Sean)

  •       Well-behaved, top-of-the-class type (who can be trusted with an expensive-looking prop)
  •       An introspection and dignity that translates to a sombre, thoughtful expression when eg presenting gifts to a baby
  •       Good sense of direction, ie when following stars

Donkey – Sam (Understudy – Chris) 

  •     Cheeky
  •     Can be a bit of an ass at times
  •     Thinks they’re too cool to take the play seriously but secretly loves being an important part of the story

Angel –  Dean (Understudy – Ivan)

  •     Capable of entertaining themselves for hours with a piece of tinsel that “fell off” the halo
  •     Craves attention
  •     Loves a gossip with Mary 

First Lobster –  Aaron (Understudy – Alice)

  •     Very proud of their role
  •     Thinks that their primary role gives them an omnipotent authority over all the other lobsters present at the birth of Jesus
  •     Adult life likely to be plagued by the stark realisation that their casting was a matter of pragmatism rather than talent and they now have a serious seafood complex

Star – Holly (Understudy – DJ)

  •     Thinks they got the role because of their star quality
  •     Actually just because they’re too nervous to speak in front of mean parents
  •     Team player


Herod  – Alfie (Understudy – Alfie)


  •     Unnecessary agg for no reason
  •     Big ego
  •     Good at killing other people’s babies


Inkeeper – Eva (Understudy – Elisa)


  •     Doesn’t understand stranger danger
  •     Too nice to turn people away 
  •     Would throw their hands at being a midwife


Holy Ghost – Isik


  •     There in Spirit




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