On a bus @_sarahalliday

By Sara Halliday
I’m writing this SCAB on a bus. Saying I had forgotten about it sounds unprofessional, but I’d forgotten about it. I have a 40 minute journey with 20 stops to write 500 words, so I figured why not write about what I see? Since the street wisdom walk I’ve been looking at things relentlessly, so here we go. 
  1. Ticket touts stood near the o2 in Brixton, Kodeline is playing apparently. I think they’re Scottish (band, not touts). 
  2. There’s a skate park next to a pit in the ground, interesting contrast of colours and earth. 
  3. Henry construction is working on a building called Barrett house (parts of names of two of my best friends).
  4. A man in a hat is counting railing posts. 
  5. Someone in a block of flats has hung a large striped towel to dry, like a flag of their own independent nation. 
  6. First-come-first-served is hyphenated on a banner. Curious grammar. 
  7. Big advert for the grand tour, go Brave!
  8. Spotify year in music poster ad peeling off a billboard, one of my favourite data driven campaigns. 
  9. Vape shop called EZ Cloudz, new nickname for Marc?
  10. Huddle of schoolboys fighting outside Stockwell station, all wearing big coats. 
  11. Ironing board lying on the pavement, handy for on the go?
  12. There’s an off-license called MNS, wonder whether M&S know. 
  13. Frowning fishmonger stood outside his shop. 
  14. The Holiday Inn in Vauxhall looks like a prison. 
  15. A multitude of dogs in Vauxhall park. 10/10.
  16. Audi R8 ‘snow mode’ ad on a roundabout billboard, quite like the ‘yes, really’ line. 
  17. Everyone who works in Foxtons looks glum. 
  18. Every time I see the London Eye I feel nostalgic for a London which used to exist only in my imagination. 
  19. Man on bus referred to his dog as a Yorkshire terror rather than terrier. Will bank that line for later. 
  20. So many people outside a church in Pimlico, there must have been a wedding. Nice. 
  21. Petrol station, so few in London. Must be a faff if you drive. 
  22. Another Foxtons, another set of dismal staff. Glad I’m not an estate agent. 
  23. Apollo Victoria, small wave to ATG. Remember going to Wicked when I was 12, still has some magic for me. 
  24. Construction moving forwards on the Hamilton theatre. Going in May. 
  25. Grosvenor Gardens makes me think of Chester. I miss Christmas shopping  there every year. 
  26. Van advertising ‘robotic demolition’. ROBOTS COMING OVER HERE, TAKING OUR JOBS! 
  27. Can see Winter Wonderland from here. Makes me feel cold and tired just thinking about it. 
  28. Park lane, want to play Monopoly. 
  29. Another Foxtons, the unexpected star of this SCAB. They look disappointingly happy. 
  30. Marble Arch, I remember my mum giving food to a homeless man here the first time I came to London. I wonder where he is now. 
My stop is next, so I should get off. Would recommend taking the time to look around when you’re on the bus. You never know what you could see. 

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