OUR CHILDHOOD 2.0 – By @EvaMenovsky

By Eva Menovsky




The first term – infant

On the day you arrive at SCA, you are born. 

You take the first breath into the rest of your life. 

You are overstimulated by the characters in the room.

You are awake and present, fascinated by SCA.

Very soon, you will take your first steps. 

You will get your first briefs, and while you are trying to stand, you will fall a lot. 

You start to talk and become comfortable expressing your own opinion. 

Then childhood comes, where you know when to walk and how to talk. 

You are a playful, excited, positive and creative kid. 

You make and come up with ideas, and you’re not afraid to be stupid.

Towards the end of the first term, you get self-conscious. You start thinking that your ideas might be stupid. 

You become aware of your ego. 


The second term – adolescence

In the break, you realise all the mistakes you might have made. 

You start thinking of the past and start to be uncomfortable with the person you might be.

I think that SCA represents the unresolved issues from our childhood, and Marc is the parent we take it out on. 

Somewhere along the road, you adopt Marc as your second parent. 

It is at this stage you will crave his validation the most. 

Just like any parent-child relationship, we start to seek his approval. It is his confirmation and his support that show us that we’re doing okay. 

You make work that he likes rather than what we like.

And then puberty hits, It’s the time to resist against your parents and do the opposite to what they do.

Some kids do it quicker than others, but at some point we all do.

This is the moment you are trying to separate yourself from Marc.

Trying to find your own voice and what you like.


The third term – adulthood

After puberty, you will find your own voice. 

You will be able to listen to Marc, but not rely on his opinion. 

You will form the person that you want to be. 

You try and work hard, and you will fail a lot.

But you will be able to grow from it more quickly.

You will be able to let go of your ego and embrace playful child mode more quickly.


After SCA – retirement

Ironically, when you go into your job, you will be more relaxed when being at SCA.

You leave the SCA nest and fly into the real world. 

You will always consider SCA as your home, where your roots lay.

But this time, after your second childhood you will learn to let go of the limitations and suppression of society in order to stay in playful child state while growing up. 

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