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By Patxi Elizalde


Pinoy Ako

For most of term break, I’ve been lucky enough to come back to my home country of the Philippines to celebrate my grandfather’s 89th birthday. So far every day has been extremely hot and sunny, a nice and much needed break from damp Brixton.


Since I’ve been back home, I’ve slowly been getting back into the swing of things – fresh fruit, sun, and the salt water. But also back to the traffic, delays, and sunburns.


London and Manila couldn’t be more different. Opposite cultures, but both beautiful in their own ways. A reflection of this can be seen clearly through the advertising in both places.


Pinoys (our way of saying ‘Filipinos’)love silly humor. The punnier and slappier, the better. This is very different from the smart and dry humor apparent in England and the UK. We’re always told to avoid puns at all costs at the SCA, which is why it’s so refreshing to be back in a country that will take any opportunity to use a good pun. My favorite example of this is the local store names abundant right outside of Makati (enjoy the examples below).



So you get the picture. Pinoys LOVE puns and silly humor. Not only in their store names, but in their ads too. My classmates at the SCA actually got a little taste of this when David Guerrero, founder of BBDO Guerrero (the most awarded agency in the Philippines) and SCA alum, came to hang out with us a few months ago. We were lucky enough to witness him take us through some of his best work with the agency through the years, some extremely inspiring, most undeniably hilarious. It was amazing seeing work from my home country being played in the studio for once, and now that I’m back, I want to share some of my favorite funny Filipino ads from recent years with you all. Some of the ads I’m sharing are not in English, but I’m sure you can get the gist of what’s going on just by watching. Enjoy.


This was an ad for Saridon that David showed us during his talk. Simple ad with a hilarious twist. There are a few more executions on youtube if you’re keen for more.


Love this TVC as well. Again, just simple Filipino humor. The type I’m always naturally drawn to on my first thought ideas.


I remember seeing this ad when I was a kid, and it still kills me today. Great work to Cornetto for showing us what you can truly achieve with 20 pesos.


This is the last ad I’ll leave you with. It’s so off beat, starting with the two ladyboys playing the romantic interests, and an even more off-beat twist at the end.


Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did and hope everyone’s having a good and productive break.

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