Respect -Lucas Masini

By Lucas Masini 

Respect serves to promote a harmonious climate within a group, family or society. Respect for oneself and others develops a sense of compromise and helps to understand and recognize that words and actions have consequences for others. Respect nurtures kindness towards everyone, regardless of timing or mood. He incites to don’t hurt anyone and anything.

Regardless of its origin, culture, religion or social class, every human being is respectful and his duties with respect towards others. In a world without respect, hostilities? and security? would permanently reappear. It would be anarchy. At SCA, we have laws and regulations to anticipate these developments. Respect is a complex and essential way of life that allows us to predict people’s behavior. Can you imagine a life without respect? Relationships and exchanges without respect? I don’t dare imagine what it feels like to be constantly treated as disrespectful, but I’m sure it must be difficult to respect in return.

How do you react when disrespect is shown? Don’t you sometimes be surprised by the words or gestures that come spontaneously to you? Do you want to be disrespectful in your turn? Why be respectful towards someone who is not? It takes a great deal of self-control to remain respectful with someone who is not. In a spontaneous way, we want to answer on me?me ton, to use the same language as the other. Disrespect calls disrespect.

But there are other, more benevolent ways of responding to disrespect.

When we lack respect, it is because we want to assert ourselves because we want to hide our most intimate complexes and fears. But to inspire respect, to dare to assert oneself, one must already respect oneself.
I think that the best solution to find oneself is to realize one’s passions and take risks. Our ideas can’t please everyone but the most important thing is to have them. You must know how to position yourself and assert yourself in order to create your personality. This is how we will develop our tastes and opinions…


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