Rest to run. – By @Antonio_line_

By Antonio Castellano


Rest to run.
Rome. Chilling on the sofa with my cat sleeping on my legs.
Finally a break. I really need to rest.
The school is ending soon though and I don’t know how to feel. From day one I always tried to make the experience last as long as possible because I know it was something special that wouldn’t happen again. I remember me and Marta being sad in October because we knew the time in the school would have flown. There were also days that I hoped the school would have already finished. But I’m sure I’m gonna miss all of this. All the adrenaline, stress and pressure. Our brain gets used to it and, in some way, it also gets addicted to.
We are all inside this train running super fast. We live in our own world. We have our rules, goals, dramas, attitude, rituals, and perspectives. And people from outside cannot understand. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to explain the whole situation. We can’t stop. We don’t have time to question or have a second thought. We run this marathon.
Our mind has been changing because of the strong environment. For this reason, everyone has had a different symptom as a reaction. My current SCA mental disease is about dreaming. Now, when I dream, I always try to give to the dream a style and a reason. I try to art direct the dream while I’m experiencing it. And it actually turns into a nightmare because I say to myself ‘it’s not good enough’, ‘you can do better’. And I wake up frustrated. It happens around 3 times per week.
It’s now only 3 more months left. I feel that we already reached the peach of the school. We are already in the ending process. We were trained, broken and fixed. Now we are perfectly capable of doing the last piece of this journey. We will be SCA survivors and our lives will be forever changed. We will leave the school and the next intake will experience from the beginning of this crazily wonderful machine.
They will have to handle a lot of stuff. But in time, everything is gonna be fine. It’s a process, isn’t it? I remember I had been worried about partnership since day 1. I remember I wanted to try all the copywriters in the room. It is impossible. I’ve just worked with half of them and I can work with 4 more before the school will finish. Anyway, partnership doesn’t worry me anymore.  I have a different vision now. And I’m happy.
There are too many other things about the school to talk about and explore.
But now I have to go. My parents have organized a little welcome back party.
I will enjoy this beautiful moment.
I will enjoy the last part of the marathon.

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