SCA Fruit and Veg stand – By @laurenbodiam

By Lauren Bodiam

SCA Fruit and Veg stand


SCABS are hard. SCABS are harder than getting a book done in a week.I could sit for hours and wonder what topic to cover.So this week I let someone else decide the topic for me.So I present the SCA fruit and veg stand


Dean – Celery. Tall, and just like Dean if you eat too much celery you can get poor energy levels, diminished wound healing, inability to focus. These are all symptoms Dean has.

Alfie – Broccoli. – Always dressed in a beautiful green coating.

Paxti – Guava. Guava has Luscious, dark green leaves that are elliptical or oval in shape. Leaves are oppositely arranged on the branches. They are

DJ – Raisin. People are critical of raisins. But at SCA raisins are critical of people. Everyone at SCA loves raisins.

Sophie – Pumpkin does not do decisions but very versatile. Im not sure what a pumpkin is and I don’t think it does either, they are in lattes, pasta, pies and cakes

Zoe – Strawberry. everyones favourite fruit. it never fails to disappoint 

Antonio – Zucchini. Spaghetti with Zucchini 

– 1 clove garlic – 1/2 cup (125 millilitres) olive oil – 5 small zucchini, sliced into very thin rounds – Salt and pepper – 11 ounces (320 grams) spaghetti – 3 ounces (80 grams) grated Provolone del Monaco (or Parmesan) – 1 knob of cold, unsalted butter – 1 handful basil leaves

Josie – Cherry. I feel she really plays to the aesthetic of a cherry,

Leli – sweet potato. Can make anything better.

Coco – Coconut its in her name.

Ruby – as cool as a… Cucumber.

Jem – Her and Joe are the most exotic pear.

Joe R – Mandarin. This man is literally a small citrus tree with fruit resembling other oranges, usually eaten plain or in fruit salads. 

Joe F – Eggplant. Jewish and purple. The Hebrew word for aubergine is chatzeel.

Joe C – Basil. Makes his own beer and grows his own basil at home.

Aleks – Pineapple. A lovely big French smile under the prickly Serbian shell.

Alex T- Wasabi. Loves japan… And its anime porn…

Karolina – Dragon fruit, no explanation needed

Mary – Lotus root. An eccentric white vegetable is Mary. With each cavity in the veg resembling another one of her revolutionary anecdotes.

Jacob – de Fig. It’s his second time here. He seems to have it all Fig-ured out.

Lucy – Apricot good for your heart, strengthens your bones and good for the skin. Lucy does all three

Gem – Asparagus. Tall, classy and one of the more attractive vegetables.

Alex B – Beetroot Canadian in England.

Tom – Grapefruit. Can come across sour but is actually very sweet.

Tarun – couchpotato. always sleepy…

Phil- Romanesco broccoli nobody else could spell it.

Alysha – Avocado expensive taste and always on trend.

Marta – Capsicum looks fiery but very sweet like Marta the capsicum can accompany anything.

Forest – Radish small and odd can imagine a radish screaming naughty waughty in a bed of lettuce.

Dan – Pink lady apple. Dead pan. Simple. Delicious. nutritious . Sometimes Vicious.

Rachel – Blood orange.The not so sweet orange, a little bitter and a lot more powerful than its sister the orange.

Andy – Banana not sure why but it seems fitting.

Max – Peas. Peas require a sunny, nutrient-rich, moisture-retentive site. Max get’s his fair share of sun at the Southbank Skate Space. Him and his board become two peas in a pod.

Maddy – Sea weed can pull off Chinese takeaway or Michelin star.

Vic -Tomato. I couldn’t decide whether she was more fruit or veg so a tomato is very fitting.

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