SCAB – Thursday 21st of September – Kim Jacqueson

Find the job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! What a terrific cliché sentence to begin a creative SCAB… Isn’t it? Yet it’s a very true motto. In fact, it’s because the reverse is very relatable that we know this saying is true. The reverse could be ‘Get a job you hate and your daily work will be a pain in the arse!’. (Sorry for swearing, but I had to be precise.) And it’s relatable because we all felt down moments in our job life.

And if we happen to eventually feel like it’s tough or annoying to do the tasks we have to do, well it only means one thing, sadly: this job isn’t for us. Sad thought, you may say. And you would be correct. It’s a heartbreaking situation to find that the job we just started, or did years of studies for, or was in for 10, 20 or 30 years, actually is boring to our soul. But that’s life! Moving on and finding another area of work is a really difficult task. Honestly, I wish it would never happen to me; just like most of people, I guess. And it’s on this reflection that I came to the idea of this SCAB.

How can we know we’re made for the job we’re currently doing? What proves ourselves that, indeed, this job suits us, fits us, that we will certainly spend the rest of our working days in this area and feel the famous ‘never work a day in your life!’?
Well I am telling you: a couple of things. I may still be young, I may still be a student in the literal way, but I’m also an adult and I’ve been through quite a lot of events to list those things. I will call them signs. The signs that prove you that you’re made for the advertising world. Thanks to SCA 2.0, I can even add some advices given to us by people from actual advertising agencies we had the opportunity to visit so far. Let’s get it started!

  • –  You love to create. Yes, of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be there or wouldn’t even be reading this blog article. But when I say love to create, I mean LOVE to create. You must have several handbooks here and there, filled with scribbles. Even ugly ones! Even useless ones! Scribbles are hugely important.
  • –  You’re curious and DESPERATE to learn. Your morning caffeine (after your coffee, of course) is to know that you will learn tons of stuff in the day. And you look forward to it!
  • –  You are proud of what you do, whatever it is. A hobby, a passion.
  • –  You are proud of what improvements you can do. Did you already try to redo some old draftsand turn them into actual adverts? If so, you sure are tailored for this world, fella.
  • –  You enjoy working with any type of people. And it’s great, because the advertising world will never ever let you choose your partners. Get prepared to work with people having oppositepersonalities and to learn to see the best in them!
  • –  You like to fail in your work. Again, get used to it. Inspire yourself from your failures. Fail well.Fail harder.
  • –  On this note, I hope you handle well your emotions during a funeral, because you’re going tosay farewell to a loooot of your ideas. 90% of your concepts won’t make it. Just roll with it.
  • –  And finally, because this one is for now, to my eyes (very humble eyes), the most important: be original. Be yourself. Be anything you want, but don’t be another one than you. Don’tcopycat! Make your own stuff.
    Bring your book together, open up your portfolio and agencies’ entrance doors will open just as well.

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