The Age of Discovery – By @oliverdfinel

The Age of Discovery

After a month stuck at home, I’ve discovered a lot of things  about my home, its surroundings and most importantly – myself. . 

One of the chairs in the living has slightly loosened from the seat rest. I’ve tried to fix it but it seems like a professional would do a better job. 

I can’t power the oven, the washing machine and the dryer at the same time. The electricity will blow. 

My thermometer is reliable. 

The sock I lost a year ago was under my bed. 

I still have no idea whether my sister and I are the sole inhabitants in our building. 

The building in front of ours is absolutely popping with brilliant people. 

The number of joggers has skyrocketed. 

The trees on my street are blossoming at an alarming rate. 

You can make your toilet bowl clean itself – Next SCAB!

My TV has a dead pixel in the top right corner. 

Wine stains can be particularly hard to remove. 

I need to air out my room a little more. I kept sneezing last night. 

Baby wipes are amazing carpet cleaners.

If I switch my wifi to 5GHz it works a lot better in my room.

Oven paper isn’t fireproof. 

Disney+ is a scam. 

Tiger King Mania is over. 

I can crack my toes an unlimited amount of times. I can’t say the same about my fingers. They are pathetic at collecting air bubbles. 

I should buy lamb from a reliable source. 

The bakery closest to my home is unreliable. 

I can soothe my chronic neck pain by rolling it against my bed frame. 

IKEA TV stands will only support a specific amount of weight. 86kg seems to be the limit. 

IKEA still delivers. 

Summer starts in April now 

I can eat a surprisingly huge number of Nutella cookies. 

Nutella cookies are God’s gift to the world. 

The kids at the Bulgarian Embassy are having the time of their lives. 

It’s incredibly hard to stay motivated when you’re stuck at home. 

Casa Del Papel is a terrible TV show. Shame to Spain. 

The building in front of mine has a curved roof. 

French Balconies truly are beautiful. 

French Windows are a thousand times better than English / American windows. 

Sometimes I’m too lazy to go to the toilet. 

I can fall asleep in a minute. 

I can drink more wine than I thought. 

I can start drinking earlier than I thought. 

The pressure in my shower is slowly decreasing and I don’t know what to do about it. 

You can make art with Emojis. 

Putting on 10kg in a month is not only possible, it’s easy!

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