The hazy daze confessions of a intrepid interloper  – By @Aaron_Furman1

By Aaron Furman



The hazy daze confessions of a intrepid interloper 


The curtain is slowly closing on the first act of my life’s course correction. I feel a mix of both a celebration and commiserations. 


It has been wonderful. 


I’ve been blasted out my comfort zone and launched out to the stratosphere. 

More importantly, this term has brightly blinded me to just how much I still need to grow.


My world view has changed. Whenever I see any ad I start to critique it. What’s the single minded proposition? Is the art direction new and exciting? What’s the brands character? Does the copy reflect it? Could it be better? 


All these questions swirl round and reveal that most are a mediocre concoction. However, I can’t do better at the moment. 


I still have countless lessons to learn. I need to be better. More divisive. More craft. More ideas. More research. More everything.


We have been graced with glorious mentors and master classes. Decoding what it means to be great by the greats of the industry. 


These pioneers of persuasion pointed us to their winning formulas. Paul Belford showed us what an ad masquerading as art looks like. 


Graham Fink told us the characters we will need to mould ourselves into in order to weather the oncoming storm that is the advertising industry. 


Alex Taylor spun us into one salient transcendent piece of advice – simplify, simplify, simplify and if you can’t simplify anymore, simplify again!

Rosie Arnold championed what it meant to be a working mum in a industry run by men and still be better then them all. She also came with a warning – you are replaceable!


Dusty is one for craft and scamping. This tool can perpetuate one idea into every channel. 


Ian is beautiful. His unique eye for constant improvement is something I wish to emulate. He has also been my guide to the wonderful world of typeface and the attitudes, characteristics and messages a font can cover. 


Vikki Ross taught us to write how we speak. A simple easy message but I’m sure it will take a lifetime to master. Don’t be bland. Never be bland. 


Mike is a doer. The advocate of side huddles and passion projects. If you can make it just do it (haha). If you don’t, someone else will and get that job we are all fighting tooth and nail for. 


Pete strives for us to be great. To look at anything and find every angle, never accepting the status quo. Go to the bingo, go to the darts, get out your comfy little life and explore what it means to be human. 


Marc the wizard, maverick, headmaster, teacher, team coach, hype man, manager and announcer. His vision created an education I will forever be thanking. I’ve never had anything as right for me as this. 


I thank all the countless mentors. I am extremely fortunate, blessed and privileged to be here. 


Most days I don’t believe I should be. I don’t feel good enough. I don’t feel like I’ll ever be good enough. 


I’ve learnt that these are actually good thoughts. The right thoughts to have. 

If I thought I was, then why am I here? It would be the other way of human progress. 


It is on the shoulders of the greats of the world that we stand and look further beyond their horizons


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