By Gigi Rice




My dearest Readers, 


Top of the morning to you all! 


While the world outside is full of doom and gloom and our placement prospects are disappearing faster than one can say “wingardium leviosa”, I thought now would be an apt time to share some companies who may be of use to you and need your help. 


Smith and Brock- Delivering fresh groceries to your home. We got a big box yesterday (45 quid but do boxes from 20) and was fabuuuuloouss value and they are a small local business who are in a slight pickle at the mo so order up buttercup! – 020 3621 4242. Can deliver the next day


FlavourTown Bakery- another local business near Parsons Green who sell the most incredible cakes! They are doing take away and delivery currently. I’ve got to go pick up 12 mini cupcakes tomorrow for my Mum’s birthday. My 23rd Birthday cake was from them and was a cheesecake brownie cake and boy oh boy it blew everyone’s freakin minds. I don’t even rate chocolate cake that highly but lord above I was on my knees. DM me for pics. 


Borough Market now delivers!!! HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING. EVERY corona cloud has a silver lining. While the likes of Aldi and shite supermarket’s shelves are bare. Borough has their pockets crammed full of fresh, often organic and free range produce. Yippeee!!! 


Ok the most important of all right now is Salt Shed. They have had to lay off all their staff as sales dropped 95 percent this week. They’ve made the incredible decision to go non-profit on their last legs and use up all of their stock and send it to the NHS for FREE. Honestly my eyes were watering when I read it on Instagram. Please visit SaltShed and donate to their GoFundMe. 




Over a million people in hospitality lost their jobs this week. 


So, my dear Readers, lets do all we can. BUY BUY BUY from our friends and family and open up our pockets to those who cannot. I feel like sweeping up that million who lost their jobs in my arms and squeezing you all tight. 

Soon there will come a day when the line outside the burger joint will snake around the block and we will all be merry in the streets. Until then, stay safe, stay at home and send some pennies forth. 


This has been your Corona correspondent Gigi. 


See you soon dearest Readers. Love always. 


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