What campaign do you wish you had made and why? – By KRAK intake

By KRAK intake 2019/20


Earlier in the week, Marc said he wished he had made Andy Sandoz’s “Programmable T-shirt” campaign for Ballantine’s. What campaign do you wish you had made and why?


Holly: 4Creative’s campaign for The Handmaids Tale. It’s not my absolute favourite ad ever made, but it’s one of them and it’s certainly one I wished I’d done. I remember being taken about by it when it came out, in awe of its boldness, simplicity and brilliance. I remember seeing it and thinking F***K I want to make work like that. 


Charlie: Absolut ‘Equal Love’ Campaign, BBH


This beautiful campaign shows equality through the power of detail. It provides a poignant message about equal love between people. It doesn’t stop there however with carefully chosen characters that highlight the juxtaposition of certain social pairings, such as a police officer and a protester. The ad displays a powerful message that delivers on multiple levels.


Munraj: Red Bull: Stratos.


Not just because of the sheer balls to actually do something like this, but the fact that it was:

  1. Not a poster.
  2. Brilliant story.
  3. Wasn’t advertising for advertisers, but for real people to connect with a brand. 




Touching Masterpieces 


I mean, imagine being the creative who helped blind men and women interact with these sculptures for the first time. Plus I love nerdy tech shit, soooo yah. 


Code of Conscience  


Print? Naaaaaah lets do shit IRL. 


This is a Tree 


Fucking with the medium? Yusssss.


Unboxing the Truth 


Man, those shoes look good. 


I want them and better still, I don’t know if I’d wear them or put them on display. 


Elle: This Girl Can, Sport England.  


Anything to empower women and I’m all for it. I hope to make such impactful work one day.


Pierre: The Big Leap – Lacoste – BETC Paris


The beginning will make you doubt about the potential of that campaign. Is perfume really going to make you jump from a building? I don’t know but what I know is that the last time I kissed a girl it was exactly as described in the video. The sequence put an intensity that is for me similar to the truth 


Rachael: Old Tango ads, because it’s probably the only campaign I’ll never have a problem with. Pure bants, no problems.


Oliver: Burger King Whopper Detour


Just pure GENIUS


Gigi: It’s possibly my fave stunt ever for Water for Africa “The Marathon Runner”. By Ogilvy and Mather Paris. Read below to find out more – 


Phillip: It’s gotta be that diamond shreddies campaign. The simplicity is great and then how far they took it. That focus group bit is unreal.


Chloë: Ditto on the Diamond Shreddies. Equally stupid and genius.


Carly: A Canadian agency called Cossette did a campaign to raise money for a children’s hospital in Toronto and it was just the most powerful series of work I’ve ever seen. Every kid in the campaigns is a real patient of the hospital and it just put the power back into their hands. Plus, I had surgery there when I was younger so it holds a special place in my heart. 


Ellie: maybe this is boring, but Nike, Dream Crazy. Or Freedom Candles for Amnesty. 


Marley: It’s a really recent one but absolutely adore the worst week of my life campaign for On The Beach. 


Alice: The Polo, Small but tough terrorist advert. 


I honestly don’t know if I could get away with making an ad like this now. I love how shocking it is. 


Ivan: The Ok Cupid DTF campaign by Wieden & Kennedy!!


Eva: Dumb ways to die from Metro 


Beautifully written and illustrated, very clever and talking about death. LOVE IT.



Run like a girl/ Always by Leo Burnett 

I just love how this campaign changed people’s perception and made an impact on how we use language. To do something “Like a girl” is not an insult anymore. Great work!


Alex: FuckIwishidmadethat by Marley Muirhead out of SCA2.0. Those guys are doing some great work and you should check them out if you haven’t already. 


Tommy: K9 fm by Colenso. Honest, kind and rib achingly funny. What’s not to love. 


Bastien :

One of my favorite campaigns from the last year, made by BETC Paris. 



This is a minimalist Lego campaign by German agency Jung von Matt. It’s so simple and executed perfectly. 


Rolly: You make mistakes when you are hungry, Snickers Hong Kong. Copy heavy campaign, quoting mistakes ordinary people and MPs make. 


Sam: For the last time, Rekorderlig’s silver skaters –


Chris:   Audi’s birth of the RS3,  Simple thought and excellent execution, created by BBH London and directed by Andrew Proctor out of Mill+, who worked with a team of VFX artists across the Mill+ London and Los Angeles studios to build the fully CG cars and environments using CAD data from Audi and photography of real vehicles.

The Mill team of VFX artists carefully crafted the cars and environment entirely in CG to help create a powerful, mechanical and organic spot.

A taster of the type of work I am looking to create.


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