What is the best piece of advice you have received so far during a book crit?

By John – The SCA Intake of 2017/18

What is the best piece of advice you have received so far during a book crit?



Meg: Don’t jump straight to execution, use your insight as a springboard to a more exciting idea rather than just putting it on straight on the page… And don’t worry, no one is naturally good at this.


Helena: your first books will probably suck


Rachel: Great thinking but you need to go back to crafting that north star for executions. Make it whole.


Phil: What is the problem? With every brand, start with why you are doing this work.


Philly: a great ad speaks for itself you don’t need the insight and proposition introducing it.


Dan: Be more brave.


Darius: Don’t turn up with a student book. Students go to school.


Nick: Pay for the beer.


Henry: Say something. Don’t just make vanilla noise. Whether they love it or hate it, give them a reason to.


James: Be confident in your work and ideas.


Becky: Show an idea I can write off straight away.


Zoe: just show us brilliant ideas you can’t polish a turd.


Holly: If you have and hour to come up with an idea, spend 55 minutes on the problem and 5 minutes on the solution.


Twyla: Every opinion is subjective. Listen to the one that resonates with you.


Steve: Don’t feel wedded to a brand. It’s okay to change the brand if the brand already has great work you will be compared to.


Joe: Book them earlier. They’re busy people.


Melina: Don’t make campaigns your brand could run tomorrow.


Sara: Have more fun with it, don’t stress yourself out.


Poppy: Just worry about getting something on the page that makes sense. Worry about making it whacky later.


Adeline: Make work that would make a better world for you.

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