What I’ve Learnt From Taylor Swift – By @lucyannp_

By Lucy Pennock


What I’ve Learnt From Taylor Swift


I’m writing this because it’s officially T-minus 6 days until Taylor Swift makes a big announcement. I’m suspecting (and praying) that it’s new music. If it isn’t I will bleed rainbow glitter from my freshly cut wrists, and cry. Cry, like a beached whale.  


If you hadn’t already guessed…I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan. I am unapologetically, unashamedly a full time “Swiftie” as the Tumblr community first coined us. I’ve loved her since I was 13. A young teen pining after boys, going for long walks in the Suffolk countryside singing along to her on my iPod nano. Performing to the sheep I’d come across on my circular route. Sidestepping nettles and rabbit poo as I’d twirl around and skip along like a loon. 


That is the true, lame, unfiltered me. You see, I used to hide the fact that I loved her so much. Deemed ‘uncool’ and ‘annoying’ by literally every single person I came across, I repressed my love for her. It was a fun little thing my sister and I had between us. Obsessing over Taylor and every single thing she did. Creepy, right? 


Her music has this resounding connection with her fans. She writes all her own music. She has done since the age of 7. She calls herself a storyteller first and foremost and that’s why her music is so descriptive and her tours so magical. She writes from experience (like the best of us do). Writes hot, edits cold. All that shebang. She’s honestly raw and doesn’t hold back. I guess why I love her so much is because her music has been the exclusive soundtrack to my entire life. And as she’s grown up and matured – so have I. 


‘In the death of her reputation she felt truly alive.’ 


That was the errrr SMP – you could say of her latest album. Reputation. The biggest grossing album for a female artist in 2017. And the most successful world tour, ever. She went through some shit, which sucked, but she picked herself up, dusted herself off, found real love, and came back with an almighty pop record. Proving the critics all wrong. Your reputation is merely a mirage. A shadow of your character.  The version of yourself that people who don’t really know you, judge you off. It’s meaningless. It’s vacuous. And she knows that. 


Reputation starts off as a revenge album, sassy, and pointed. ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, ‘Ready For It’ and ’This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ are fiery anthems. She cares what people think. She’s hurt, annoyed and has a LOT to say. But then halfway through the album the tone shifts. ‘Delicate’ ‘Gorgeous’ ‘Dancing With Our Hand’s Tied’ ‘Call It What You Want’ ‘King of My Heart’ and ‘Dress’ are all love songs dedicated to the guy she met during what she describes as her ‘darkest year’. (Shout out to Joe Alwyn – Taylor’s bae <3) 


She and her music are incredibly self-aware. In interviews, she describes the album as one huge learning curve, resurrection and redemption. In spite of her tattered reputation which she thought she cared about, she managed to find something that really mattered – love. Awwwwww. (Queue soppy strings). During the two years that she withdrew from the scathing public eye, she found someone who truly loved her despite what the tabloids said about her. She’s so openly honest with her lyrics that it’s easy to relate to similar situations we as humans, have all experienced. In the death of her reputation, she found herself, and rose up from the dead. 


So why am I talking about Taylor Swift? I literally have lost track. No no, I’ve had this post brewing in the back of my head for a quite while now. I guess why I want to talk about her is because I think I’ve learnt a lot from TS. Her resilience, inner strength, and determination to prove everyone wrong is inspiring. I love how she tells stories in her music and puts them together in an overarching album. Us marketers and copywriters can learn a lot from Miss Swift. She’s excellent at promoting herself, keeping her fans on edge and carving out a brand for herself that feels authentic and relatable. But most importantly she’s not afraid of transformation and change. And of course, admitting when she’s wrong.


“This air of newfound jadedness is one of the many ways in which Swift broadcasts her long-overdue loss of innocence on Reputation, an album that captures the singer during the most turbulent but commercially successful period of her career. Swift went into hibernation: last year the budding country star had become an international pop icon before suddenly finding herself at the wrong end of a long-running public feud with Kanye West. Now she emerges as a victim turned antihero. OnReputation, she is embittered and vindictive toward a public that she feels has abandoned her, but she’s also liberated from the imaginary harness of perfection. “They took the crown, but it’s all right.” – The New Yorker


As the fans will tell you, the Reputation era is swiftly over. She didn’t dwell long on it. And why should she? In April 2019 we are currently in a new era. One depicted with pastel colour schemes, butterfly emojis and fluffy clouds. Taylor has been reborn. She is no longer wearing black. The dark red crimson on her lips has been replaced by a soft plummy pink. She seems really happy, more like herself. The old Taylor couldn’t come to the phone in Reputation, but now, she’s on speed dial. I can’t wait to see what hits she comes out with. It’s gonna be poppy, full of dreamy summer tunes. Bring it ON! I also feel like I’m in a new era. I’ve finally got a partner. We’re happily married. Term 3 is around the corner. Portfolio day is less than 100 days away. Everything is falling into place. I even went on a date the other day! Plus, summer is nearly here, the sun is shining, I’m by the seaside at my parents’ place. I’m drinking coffee. I’ve got a big smile on my face. Lucy is good. Lucy is great. Lucy is writing another TMI blog post. And Lucy is talking about herself in the third person…yet again.

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