What Not To Do At Your SCA Interview Day

I didn’t get into SCA on my first try, I messed up the interview day.

Luckily Marc let me attempt re-entry and I was allowed to come back and try again.

Second time around I managed to safely break through the atmosphere and now I’m a bona fide out-of-work creative and MOSHER.

This post is for anyone thinking of applying or preparing for their own interview day.

I suffered so that you don’t have to.

I’m basically Jesus.

This is my Genesis.

What Not To Do At Your SCA Interview Day

Don’t skip lunch. There will be nerve calming shots after the presentation and if, like me, you don’t eat anything these WILL go to your head. Side effects include: reduced cognitive capabilities; slurring.

Don’t forget to do your research about Marc, the school or advertising in general. I hadn’t really looked at any advertising before I arrived so when asked for my favourite recent campaign I just had to try and remember the best one from the Tube that day. Embarrassing.

Don’t assume that SCA is like any other course/school you’ve experienced before. If you bring your GCSEs we will use them to plug up the leak under the office. Why not bring your A-Game instead? (Or birthday cake).

Don’t hold anything back. You get one chance to really prove yourself so try your hardest not to be shy. You’ve obviously got something if you’ve been invited in the first place. I find it really hard to relax around people I don’t know and this didn’t help when baring my creative soul.

Don’t get too worked up about the 4 minute presentation. Whilst this is obviously a super important part of the day, if it doesn’t all go to plan and the twitter powered soufflé you built didn’t quite rise in time, try not to panic. It is the thought and bravery that counts.

Don’t be late. Rushing in with five minutes to spare is the worst. I really suffered because of it. You want to arrive a good half an hour before so you can find the studio, settle in and have a coffee or something. There’s also a psychometric test you have to fill out and it’s really easy to mess it up if you’re in a rush.

Don’t do a whole speech about why being lazy is a good thing. I don’t know why, but back at Uni I was pretty proud of how I’d managed to get through life thus far by putting in the minimum amount of effort. It wasn’t particularly creative and it certainly isn’t a mantra that’s survived into this year. Hard work beats talent every time.

Don’t be a stranger. Curious about the school, how it works and what it’s like to come here? Get in touch. You can find almost all of the students on twitter and our intake even has its own handle.

Do sell yourself. Or else.


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