What would happen if all our clocks told exactly the same time? {Part 2, Selected Phone Notes, September 17-Jan 18} @lastwordstyped

By Darius Rodrigues 

Do symptoms of OCD begin to appear around the same time children look at whiteboards more than people? (unwiped marks/the skin of whiteboards is flat and covered in acne)


Road sweeper sounds like an air siren



What would happen if all our clocks told exactly the same time?



It’s weird what fun looks like when no one’s having it



Now we’re just arguing in a different restaurant



I get why ‘sensible’ is contentious. Sensible = ible of senses as in to be able to have senses.



South Shields oct 1 plane airport crash they’ll go for the jersey (dream)



I’ve been to Nagasaki they have no need for junk food



Are we so depressed in England because of the window tax?



If babies dream before they’ve seen life do they dream of death?



My brother started playing Sims as soon as the family fell apart. (Happy Families)



When big things happen, like the beginning or end of a life, a break up, you start think in cliches. Were they once so true and is that why they are mocked?



Soon we’re going to see all the things mum liked and dad didn’t like butter in a little tin not in the fridge



Walking down road half in phone half looking up. In nature what else is that flick of the head good for? Prey on predator? Vulture?



Football livestream always buffering. Capture faces of sad footballers.



I can be your Henchoz you can be my Hyppia



If you fuck a biologist do you take better care of yourself?



You’re the kind of people who look up how to cut a pumpkin



Nearly a week in this place I think my mind’s turning that apron toothpaste green colour.


When green is nature it’s hope, well it says, hey, we’re in a season where things will grow now.


It’s strange how just a small change in tone can make it a season where things will grow or where things will stop growing, where things will die soon.


But at the same time the colour green says things will become unhindered and uninjured. As in, staying alive is a weight we can only carry for so long, and while alive we have the ability to be injured and when not, at least we don’t. When winter, strong winds and spiders mean nothing to our bare trunk.


And it is followed by the same again. This sequence is set not by the plants, the authority here is cosmic and out of sight. It makes sense people capitalise it, even put a face to it, even put nails through its wrists, even give it a face like yours or mine.


So, like there is no rational reason to fear the scope of the cosmic invisible, there is no reason to be afraid of these days at all, my love.



Rejentin, Identent, Identifent, Resident, Resentent, Dissident, Misrepresent. Are these the answers to Crossword Puzzles she never completely solved?



I think it’s easier if you ask questions with yes or no answers



Stretched hoodie pouches and quavers breath. (Playstation Convention, Birmingham)

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