Where should I isolate? – By @LawrenceESlater

Where should I isolate?

My mum wants me to isolate at her house, my girlfriend wants me to isolate at her house. My dog probably want me to isolate at my own house. Where do I want to isolate?

The last week or so has be so difficult for everyone. Everything is changing and no one knows how long this will really last.

I’m am blessed to have a few places where I could isolate at but I need to quickly work out where I want to be and stay for the foreseeable future. I guess the hardest thing about this is the not knowing how long this will last and not wanting to commit to staying in one place. Here are some points on each.

My house.

Ok so here I have my own bed, my brother and one of my best friends as my housemates and my dog. Ok already sounds like the best option. I also have a small out door gym, made up of a bench and some weights. Probably now more than ever important to use this to break up the day and break any frustration that build up from staying inside. I also have Dulwich park near to walk Lacey (my dog) in once a day. I have an ok space for working, bit noisy with my house mates but I cannot complain. Here I feel completely at home. I have all my things and can live by my own rules. Probably the best option If I want to try and continue living as normally as possible.

Shabz’s flat.

Here I have the company of my girlfriend. A comfier and cleaner flat to spend time in. Someone to cook for and someone to cook for me. A spacious and well lit place to work and a really big supermarket next door to get supplies when needed. Close by are Blackheath and Greenwich park to run through to burn up that pent up energy. I’d also have a great running and exercise partner and just the best day-to-day partner in crime. Yes this could be great but also might be terrible. Being together 24hrs a day 7 days a week, not through choice I think is tough for any relationship. I think I’d miss Lacey too.

My parent’s house.

A really well stocked fridge and cupboard would greet me here. (Every type of nut butter, and dairy free milk alternative you could imagine.) Being here would also obviously stop my parents worrying about my safety in this global pandemic, my mum is extra worried about me as I’m asthmatic. The relaxing qualities of being in the countryside with no one around would be nice. Fields to walk through during the day and being able to clearly see the stars at night. It would be a blast for Lacey too. I would be able to set up a nice office in the house but with it being so remote not sure if the internet would be quite upto scratch for all these zoom calls.


Think I’ll have to go without the big supermarket and nut butter for now.

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