Rocket Fuel for Careers

Your time spent at the School will be mainly working on live briefs, supported by hundreds of the industry's best talent. We condense three years of learning into one year, and then send you out on guaranteed work placements at top, top advertising agencies. Or, if you prefer, you can grab up to £10,000 in funding from an investment fund that is co-owned by the advertising industry, to start your own company. Send your career into orbit at SCA2.

Award Winning Mentors

Our school is supported by the very best creative talent. More than 500 mentors have signed-up to spend quality time with you, hanging out in the classroom to provide inspiration, direction and feedback. We could fill an IKEA warehouse full of trophy cabinets with their awards. Discover more about our mentors here, or apply to become a mentor here.

Most Relevant Learning

Qualifications are usually written by academics. Ours is an industry collaboration, whereby anyone practising in the advertising industry has the ability to contribute towards the curriculum on our Wiki. This is the first time that any industry has ever collaborated in this way to create a qualification. We believe it to be the future of vocational learning. It's all built on open-source tools. Get in touch for help starting your own Curriculum Wiki in another vocation.

We Don't Care About Your Grades

If you got good grades at school, that's great. We won't ask though. We look for people who think a bit differently, are passionate about advertising, and who can string a sentence together. We are always looking for rough diamonds. Love 'em.

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