*Warning: Sickeningly Emotional, by @MarcellaTarable

Marcella Tarable

By Marcella Tarable


*warning: sickeningly emotional

SCA taught me how to think, how to work with people, how to work by myself, how to make shit happen, not give up. 


It crashed me in pieces and built a new Marcella. 


I’ve embarked this crazy journey without really understanding how hard it would be. But I embraced it and it has been the crazies year of my life. 


I put 300% of my energies and passion into it. 


I have learned so much. I have cried so much. I have laughed so hard. I met incredible people. 


People who were strangers 9 months ago who are now friends for life.


This time last year I was flying back from Cambodia to be ready to start Sca. 


I had high expectations for myself. 


I felt expectations from other people, especially Marc. 


At the end of the day he gave me a scholarship, allowed me to differ for one year to go and save the world and welcomed me back at school.


I haven’t won a D&AD, I haven’t won a Cannes. I haven’t won a chip shop or any other awards. 


I am not in the top chart and I am not the best student of Sca. 


But I’ve been the best. The best I could possibly be. And that’s all it matters. 


So Thank you. 


Thank you to Marc for believing in me. Thank you to Georgia, Clare, Chantelle, Honor and Hannah for listening to my moans and pick me up. Thank you to Ian for helping me out and see the bigger picture of things.


Thank you to Pete, Jean, Toufic and all the mentors who spent time with me and taught me so much. 


And thank you to the most beautiful people with whom I shared this incredible journey, my fellow students and friends.


I will miss this crazy little place.

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