Airport People Watching – By @sthomasgb

Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas


Airport People Watching


“What’s that?”
“Sorry I think you’re about to fall off. I’d look behind you if I were you.”

I warn the man as he’s approaching the edge of the cliff. He looks troubled and appears to nod. He glances over his left shoulder but before I can move closer, he takes a step back and disappears.

I don’t dare look over the edge. The wind is too strong for me to hear a thud. Or a splash. It’s too far down.

No one is around so I stand there for a while.

I feel surprised. Not really horrified, or angry at myself. I just didn’t actually think he was going to jump.

I tried people watching in the airport yesterday. I enjoy people watching but I’ve never before put my thoughts down onto paper. To be honest, people in the airport aren’t that interesting to watch.

They seem to wander without purpose. Well that’s not true. Their purpose is to kill time. They’re either sad at leaving someone behind, or happy at reuniting with someone they love. I ended up watching one man in particular. He was by himself and looked upset.
For some reason I began writing the above. When I saw him, this just came into my head.

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