You don’t need everyone to like your ad.  – @SharonN48301378

By Rolly Ng


You don’t need everyone to like your ad. 


Dave Birss came to give a master class last week and I decided to do a SCAB on this as quite a few of us in SCA agree there’s so much to take away from it.


  1. My job as a creative is to use the medium to get a disproportionate amount of attention, NOT to fill the rectangle. 
  2. React against! Do not be an echo chain.
  3. Different input is extremely valuable. A common misconception about creativity is that amazing input alone is necessary to have amazing ideas. The problem with amazing input is that it could all be the same, which is quite likely to lead to same ideas. Sameness will not make an ad stand out. Something that breaks the pattern will. 
  4. Method of learning, note down 3 things I like/dislike when an ad made an impression on me. 
  5. Polarised opinion is great. You don’t need everyone to like your ad. If it causes a big debate, it is likely to make you successful in getting a disproportionate amount of attention. 
  6. Put effort into finding a bigger truth between the product and the audience. 
  7. History is powerful. Looking at things from a historical point of view makes it convincing because consumers trust a brand with history. 
  8. Edit with music even if you don’t need music. It can help adding emotions in. 
  9. Check out the book An Optimist’s Tour of the Future
  10. How to hide an easter egg? 1) Hide it. 2) Wait. 3) Go to forums to talk about the seed. 4) Boom!
  11. Reframe the question. If given ‘How should I spend the $400k budget?’, think ‘How should I do this for free?’.


The master class got me rethink about my decisions in life and I felt like everything makes so much sense now. I realise that it’s cool to be different and to find it hard to fit it. I made a reflection slide with that thought, showing a picture with two girls, one hugging the other. The headline says,  ‘2019, when you find your spot’. In my presentation of the slide, I explained that I want to embrace my younger self before I came to UK. I want to tell her that you are not useless, in 2019, you will find that many things you dislike about yourself will be the reasons for you to love yourself. 


I got lots of love after presenting my reflection slide. Someone even told me that she’s glad I came to the UK because it meant she got to meet me. I am grateful to those who made coming to UK possible, especially to my parents. And I felt fortunate that I did not give up on UK in 2018 due to the thought that I was a misfit for the British culture. 


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