Choose a topic below to see a comprehensive list of questions you may have about joining the most awarded ad school in the world.


Choose a topic below to see a comprehensive list of questions you may have about joining the most awarded ad school in the world.

General Questions

  • How much experience do I need before joining SCA?

    You don’t need to be experienced in advertising before going into SCA 2.0, and we don’t have a grade minimum requirement for you to enroll.

    What we want to see from potential students is their drive and creativity! We’d like to know about what you’ve been up to, what inspires you and what you would like to achieve. If you do have a portfolio of work that displays your creative history, great! But don’t be discouraged from enquiring if you don’t have a book full of examples as we want to know about you and your passion first and foremost.

  • What age do I have to be to join SCA?

    You have to be at least 18 to join the course but there’s no upper age limit as we’re interested in your creative potential, not the numbers on your birth certificate! Our current student age ranges from 21 - 47 years.

  • What kind of qualification will I receive?

    At SCA we don’t offer qualifications at the end of our courses. Instead, our students leave with an excellent portfolio of work and a well established network of industry peers and mentors, many of whom are looking to hire great talent. Students will showcase their hard work at our Portfolio Day and will be supported on a 6-month placement. Over 80% of our students are offered their dream role following placements.

  • When is the deadline to apply?

    We are currently recruiting for our September 2022 intake, for both the London Portfolio School and Distance Learning Course. We interview candidates throughout the year, with our final selection days taking place up to a month before it starts. Though we do recommend starting the process early to avoid disappointment.

  • Selection Day & Enrolling

    The first step of the application process is to book a 15-minute call with SCA Dean, Marc Lewis. On the call you can discuss your talents and career aspirations. We will also answer any questions you have about the school, the unique learning experience and the success of past alumni within their chosen fields. If it is a good fit you will be invited back to deliver a 4-minute presentation to students and teachers. Read our student blogs for first-hand insights on what to expect on selection day, along with top tips for success.

  • What does a merit-based SCA scholarship pay for?

    A merit-based SCA scholarship pays for all of your tuition fees for the years, but not for your living costs and expenses. Scholarships are available for both the London Course and Distance Learning School. If you are interested in joining SCA and would like to explore the options available, please ask us about it on your first call with us.

  • Art Director or Copywriter, I don’t know! How do I choose?

    You don’t have to decide! Our course is all inclusive for Art Directors and Copywriters, there are no separate pathways as we teach both disciplines in the same room and you can change your mind at any time. Irrespective of their discipline we expect our alumni to have a rounded skill set. Some end up working as more generalist creatives, others have become entrepreneurs or strategists.

The Campus Courses

  • Why are the fees £16,500

    SCA is less expensive than a 3-year university course and offers much more than the traditional university model. Each year the course is tailored to around 36 enrolled students and promises to pack each day with masterclasses, briefs to work on and mentoring from our network of more than a 1,000 industry professionals. At the end of the course, we expect you to be paid London Living wage in your placements and to leave with a valuable network of contacts too.

  • Are international students able to apply for a work/student visa for the course?

    Unfortunately, we’re currently unable to offer student or work visas to international applicants. However, there is the option to join our distance learning course where you’ll experience the same course, same content, same mentors, and the same top notch portfolio at the end of it.

  • Is this a full or part-time course?

    Students expected to be in the studio daily, between 9-5. We also expect them to work beyond these times when needed, to meet essential deadlines. We follow the structure of an academic year so we have half-terms, Easter and Christmas breaks but assignments may be set during the holidays as well.

The Distance Learning Courses

  • Why are the fees £9,990

    The Distance Learning Course was created so we offer our award-winning course UK-wide and across the globe. We believe that our way of teaching should be available to as many talented and passionate students as possible, and we believe that a top creative education should be available to everyone. Your day will be packed full of masterclasses, briefs to work on and mentoring from our network of more than a 1,000 industry professionals. The only difference being that you’ll be learning via the lens of zoom with flexible working hours available if required. Find out more about fitting the course around work, family/other commitments here

  • Can international students apply?

    There are no restrictions to who can apply for our Distance Learning Course. Given the need to collaborate with peers and mentors during the school day we do recommend that students based outside of the UK are in a timezone that allows reasonable crossover with London working hours. As a rule of thumb +3 GMT to -3 GMT should be manageable.

  • Is this a full or part-time course?

    You can work to a flexible schedule, but we recommend that students commit a minimum of 30 hours per week for studying and collaborating with their peers.

International Students

  • Can I apply for a Student Visa through SCA?

    To date, SCA is unfortunately able to offer student visas as we are not a licensed student sponsor. You are welcome to join us on our distance learning course, but to join us in London you would need to apply and arrange your own visa in order to study with us.

  • Will SCA help with my visa application?

    We are currently unable to help with Visa Applications as we are not a licensed student sponsor. Please see the next question for info on Visa options that may help you.

  • What visa options are available to me to study in the UK?

    If you’re from Europe, you are able to enter the UK for 3 months which means you would be able to study with us for one term and continue the rest of the course via distance learning. Lots of students have successfully done this.

    If you’re from the following countries, you can apply for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa if you’re aged 18 to 30:

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Monaco
    • New Zealand
    • San Marino
    • Iceland
    • Hong Kong
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Taiwan
    • India

    More info here:

    Please be aware that we do not offer financial aid therefore you will be required to pay for your own living expenses while studying with us in the UK if your visa is granted.

  • How will the course work around my time zone?

    Our course is hosted in London, therefore all classes are on GMT - please bear this in mind when applying. Our classes are recorded and available to watch in your own time but you must stick to the syllabus and learning schedule in order to work alongside your peers.

  • Which courses are available to International Students?

    Our Distance Learning course is ideal for International Students. You do not need to acquire a visa and as long as your time zone allows attendance to our classes within a reasonable GMT time-frame you will be able to attend all classes and collaborate with other students via our platform.

    If you would prefer to join us in London, you must obtain your own visas.

  • Is there financial support for International Students?

    Unfortunately not. You will be required to pay a deposit upon successful application and you must pay your fees up front or in monthly installments following an agreement with our studio team. We cannot help with accommodation and living expenses.

  • What are the course fees?

    For our distance learning course (no visa required):

    £3,330 per Semester, for each of the 3 Semesters.
    Or £990 per month, paid by direct debit over 10 months.

    To study in London (visa required):

    £5,500 per Semester, For each of the 3 Semesters.
    Or £1,650 per month, paid by direct debit over 10 months.

    *There are no extra fees for our International students, you will pay exactly the same as our distance learning students in the UK however, please take living costs and accommodation into account if you’d like to join us in London.

  • Are Scholarships available to international students?

    There are no scholarships available currently for international students.

  • Where in the world have SCA students come from previously?

    France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, India, Nigeria, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Australia, US, Canada, Hungary, Slovenia, Hong Kong and many more!

  • How do I apply?

    To apply, it all starts with a 15 minute call with SCA Dean, Marc Lewis. If you're ready to take the next step, book your 1:1 call here.

    If successful you will be invited to a Selection Day where you’ll be asked to perform some practical writing and craft tasks along with other candidates and our award-winning faculty.

  • What are the language requirements?

    You must speak English and have a good understanding of the English language in the spoken and written word. All classes will be presented, recorded and shared in English.

Student Application

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